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Prebirth to Early Childhood Dental Health Awareness

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Jenna Linback

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Prebirth to Early Childhood Dental Health Awareness

Preventive Dental Health From Prebirth to
Early Childhood Healthy Chompers
"The transmission of maternal oral microbiota and the use of flourides are important in baby's oral health in early life of the child" (Modern Pediatric Dentistry, Srivastava 129) Periodontal disease can cause premature births! Gum Disease VS. Pregnancy Before getting pregnant: Health Check! Primary Prevention Prospective Mom's Diet IN'S & OUT'S of breastfeeding "Sucky" Habits Dental Plan For Baby Toothbrushing 101: Diet and Snacks for the Kiddos Presented by: Jenna Linback Continues through early childhood
Thumbsucking & Pacifiers
Baby's gums and teeth
Baby diet Alley, Keith E.,DDS, and Rudy C.,DDS Melfi. Permar's Oral Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy. 10th. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2000. 38. Print.

Barilla, Jean, Mittelman, Beverly, and Mittelman, Jerome.Healthy Teeth for Kids; A Preventive Program: Prebirth Through the Teens. Kensington Publishing Corp., 2001. Print.

Gerber, ."All About Pacifiers."Gerber: Start Healthy, Stay Healthy. Gerber Products CompanyWeb. 22 Feb 2013.

Srivastava, Vinay Kumar. Modern Pediatric Dentistry. 1sted. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, 2011. Print.

"Thumbsucking."Mouth Healthy.American Dental Association.Web. 22 Feb 2013. Endotoxins (bacteria) from the infection flow through the bloodstream and reach the baby through the amniotic fluid. for the pregnant ladies Preventive measures after birth- Be sure YOU are healthy! Overall health check INCLUDING dental health All major dental procedures should be taken care of before pregnancy It is safe to have procedures done during pregnancy IF all precautions are taken Recommended by the ADA Begins months before conception/birth - Key Nutrients- Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Vitamin A " .... daily doses of vitamin C resulted in shorter and LESS painful labor times, very FEW stretch marks, and NO adverse reactions to the vitamin C in mother of baby" (Barilla, Mittelman, Mittelman 12). Helps prevent birth defects! "One out of 700 newborns (5,500 newborns per year) has a cleft lip or palate" (Alley, Melfi 38). Don't you love those words?! Provides all necessary nutrients to your baby -Proteins, Fats, Sugars Boosts Baby's immune system! Antibodies
White blood cells "Preventive Orthodontics" Healthy Teeth For Kids (57) Promotes correct muscles and facial development -Aiding in fewer cavities, better
speech development, and better development
of the airways in the nose and throat IT''S FREE!! Thumbsucking & pacifiers-
contributors to incorrect development of the mouth Crooked teeth and deformation of the palate Training devices- Nuk Orthodontic Pacifier
Other Nuk bottle nipples 3 Sizes! Remember- POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT! Follow a daily hygiene regimen. Morning, after meals, bedtime Let them experiment! Switch roles The earlier the age, the better! No touchy, no flossy! Not necessary to floss before teeth are touching Show technique No cool, battery operated brushes under age 5! Demonstrate: Circular brushing-
On insides and outsides of teeth Especially by the gum line! Back & Forth motions-
Tops of the teeth Protein
Whole grains
Yellow fruits & veggies
Leafy greens Good Mixed Diet- Snack time! Fresh fruit
cereal- unsweetened with banana
Graham crackers (whole grain)
Plain yogurt w/ fresh fruits
turkey slices
string cheese HEALTHY SMILES! :) Cited Sources: Researcher and periodontist, Dr. Steven Offenbacher (University of North Carolina Hospital) found that mothers with periodontal disease had more than seven times higher risk of premature, low birthweight babies (Healthy Teeth For Kids 5).
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