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Building Your Own Computer


Kyle Li

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of Building Your Own Computer

Building Your Own Computer
You will need
A motherboard
Costs: 1,000 ~ 7000 baht
DVD Reader/Burner
Costs: 500~2,500 baht
Costs: 1,000~43,750
Power Supply
Costs: 300~18,000 baht
You need this to connect/link everything together
What doesn't come in a CD these days?
Without this, your computer is just fancy pieces
of metal with plastic
Needed for your computer to run
Costs: 1200~45,000
You will need a place to store everything in
Graphics Card
Rendering 3D
Costs: 600 ~ 100,000 baht
Play videos, run games, render 3D all require a graphics card!
A Case
Costs:300~28,000 baht
OMG, you're kidding
No.... seriously...
Not absolutely necessaries, but highly recommended to hold your computer together
Costs: 500~45,000 baht
no joke either
Just how can this cost so much?!
Required to keep every process in the computer running
Network Card
Costs: 350~280,000 <- no joke either!
This is the 280k baht card
Put everything together in the right place, make sure the power supply
has the correct voltage set, connect everything together, and you have
your first custom made computer!

Finally, you'll need a operating system
Costs: Free~200,000
Example: My computer
How to assemble:
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