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FER = to carry, bear, bring together

No description

Amy Stewart

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of FER = to carry, bear, bring together

FER = to carry, bear, bring together
Part of speech: noun

Definition: the distance around a circle; to carry the distance around a circle

Sentence Example: My math teacher taught us how to find the circumference of a circle.
C = 2 x 3.14 x r
Part of speech: noun

Definition: a meeting that brings people together to exchange views or information

Sentence Example: The sixth grade teachers held a conference to discuss their ideas for the PBS event.
Part of speech: verb

Definition: to carry a different opinion; to carry an opposing view

Sentence Example: Sometimes my best friend and I differ in opinions, but regardless we are friends until the end.
Part of speech: adjective

Definition: capable of bearing or producing crops or vegetation; highly productive

Sentence Example: The soil in our garden must be very fertile; I planted a pumpkin seed and had a pumpkin in three weeks.
Part of speech: noun

Definition: a person hired to drive or bring someone to another location; a driver

Sentence Example: The president called for his chauffeur to pick him up from the theater at 10 o'clock.
Part of speech: verb

Definition: to bring together information to reach a conclusion; guess

Sentence Example: I can infer from my research that yoga and karate have many health benefits.
Part of speech: verb

Definition: to bring forth ideas; to propose or present

Sentence Example: I would like to offer my ideas to the group, but sometimes I get nervous they won't agree with my proposal.
Part of speech: verb

Definition: to choose one thing that carries priority over another; to value more highly

Sentence Example: Many students prefer carrots to broccoli, and some students prefer neither.
Part of speech: noun

Definition: a recommendation; a letter or notice that carries good words about a person

Sentence Example: She was given a positive referral from her teacher after helping defend a classmate from the bully.
Part of speech: verb

Definition: to bring something from one place to another

Sentence Example: We had to carefully transfer the baby chicks from the incubator to their new cage.
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