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Hamburger Paragraph- 8 sentences

How to write a paragraph using topic sentence, main ideas, and concluding sentence.

Lisa Boveroux

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Hamburger Paragraph- 8 sentences

It's like a hamburger.
TOPIC SENTENCE (or introductory sentence)
We'll call this the Topic Sentence.
This is your first main idea.
This is your second main idea.
This is your third main idea.
These are more main ideas. (There can be more than just 3!)
This is the concluding sentence.
It INTRODUCES the topic of a paragraph without announcing it.
It HOOKS the reader.
It puts QUESTIONS in the reader's mind.
It uses
Eg. "disaster"
It is usually the FIRST sentence.
It provides a TRANSITION from the previous paragraph.
Not all topic sentences will contain all 6 of these characteristics.
A writer should strive for the ideal.
Put the sentences below in order, starting with the topic sentence.
A) Michael is also a very unselfish player; he is always setting up other players to score goals.
B) Without Michael on our team, we would not be in first place in the league.
C) Michael is the best hockey player on the team.
D) He has scored more goals than any of his team-mates this season.
A) His cousins were very bright and learned basic English very quickly.
B) Enzo's cousins from Italy arrived to spend the summer in Canada.
C) When their holiday was over, they could express themselves very well.
D) They did not speak a word of English so Enzo began to teach them some everyday expressions.
A good topic sentence has
6 characteristics
The 8 Sentence Paragraph...
...is made up of 8 parts
Good Example:
My first day of high school was a disaster.
Bad Example:
I'm going to tell you about my first day of high school.
How Do I Write a Topic Sentence?
1) Give a general statement about the paragraph topic
eg. Nellie McClung Collegiate provides students with an exciting extra-curricular program.
2) Give a hint about what is to follow
eg. Nellie McClung Collegiate provides students with a wide VARIETY of extra-curricular activities.
3) List the main points to be raised in the paragraph
eg. Basketball, badminton, and drama are three extra-curricular programs offered by Nellie McClung Collegiate during the winter. (This should be used rarely! ONLY for strict academic paragraphs, for example, science or social studies)
4) Ask a question
eg. Have you ever had the opportunity to try snowboarding?
(Use very sparingly, only if you have a good question that hooks the reader!)
5) Make a startling statement
eg. Did you know that snowboarding is one of the most dangerous winter sports?
When I was a young girl, I would make a tent out of my blankets and read Nancy Drew mysteries late into the night. I still read cereal boxes at the breakfast table, newspapers while I am stopped at red lights, and gossip magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket. In fact, I'm a very talented reader. For example, I've mastered the art of talking on the phone while simultaneously reading Dean Koontz or Stephen King. But what I read doesn't matter all that much. In a pinch, I'll read junk mail, an old warranty, a furniture tag ("DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW"), or even, if I'm extremely desperate, a chapter or two in a textbook.
Write A Topic Sentence For This Paragraph
A TOPIC SENTENCE introduces the main idea that will be discussed in the paragraph
A SUPPORTING IDEA is a detail that helps prove the point in your topic sentence.
What's in a Supporting Idea Sentence?
1) A Transition
2) New Point about the Main Idea
A TRANSITION is a word or phrase that brings two ideas together.
clearly, then
in addition
besides that
in the same way
in the light of the... it is easy to see that
FOLLOW-UP DETAILS are the facts, ideas, reasons, and examples that give more information about each point raised by the author.
__________ Animal Planet teaches children a great deal about the animal kingdom. __________ children get to watch all sorts of animals in action and this is much more exciting than reading about them in books. __________ children get to learn a lot of interesting facts from the History and Science channels. __________ watching television programs is a good way of getting them interested in what they are learning in school.
Some television programs are very informative and can impart a great variety of knowledge to children.
If the topic sentence is:
What transitions could you put in this paragraph to make it more cohesive?
a) Their backbones and ribs are attached to the flat bony plates of their shells
b) Turtles who are in danger can pull their heads and legs into their hard shells to protect themselves from animals who might try to eat them.
c) Turtles can live anywhere because they carry their homes with them.
d) Furthermore, turtles’ shells serve as their portable homes.
e) This skeleton provides shape for their bodies.
f) This is important for turtles since they move so slowly.
TS: Turtles could not survive without their marvelous shells.
1. Most importantly, turtles’ shells serve as the base for their skeletons.
2. Furthermore, turtles’ shells serve as their portable homes.
3. Finally, turtles’ shells are important because the shells protect turtles from their enemies.
Here is a topic sentence and 3 supporting sentences. First, do you see any transitions?
Now, which of the follow-up details below match with each supporting idea?
A CONCLUDING SENTENCE restates what the paragraph is about and is often similar to the introductory sentence. It begins with a transition like:
as a result
in conclusion
to summarize
Now that you have reviewed this information, and have learned about concluding sentences, be prepared to work on this tomorrow.
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