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Medicine Lake Volcano

This volcano is a Stratovolcano located in the United States in the Cascade Ranges of California.

Spencer Robinson

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Medicine Lake Volcano

This volcano sits on the edge of Medicine Lake in the Cascade Ranges in California. Read to Learn More! The Medicine Lake Volcano What is the Medicine
Lake Volcano? Has this volcano formed anything? Lets Get Deeper in Location! Recent Eruptions The Medicine Lake Volcano is a Shield
Volcano that is Dormant and sits on the
edge of Medicine Lake.This calm volcano
is located in the United States in California For a fact, The Medicine Lake Volcano has formed some landforms. Its last eruptions in the last 1500 years has formed many small Silicic domes with at least four lava flows. This volcano has also formed a very cool and popular landform called Glass Mountain with its last eruption. This old Volcano sits on the edge of Medicine Lake. That is where the volcano got its name. It is located at 41.661 degrees North and 121.5536 degrees West. This Volcano is located in the Lava Beds National Monument. This Volcano is Dormant and has not erupted for about 600 years. The most recent eruption was in 1080. Since its recent eruption was so long ago, the number of people killed was and has not been identified. Since this volcano is a shield volcano, its eruptions are calm, certainly not as explosive as Mt. St. Helens. Also since this volcano erupted so long ago, the type of explosion was not recorded but the explosions were very basaltic. Did You Know? The Medicine Lake Volcano is very close to Mount Shasta and very similar to the Newberry
Volcano which is also
close. One More Fact... This Volcano is the Largest volcano in the Cascade Mountains. This volcano covers 800 square miles and is 2,762 feet high. 5 Important facts restated This is the largest volcano in the Cascade Mountains; it covers 800 square miles and is 2,762 feet high.
Its latest eruption formed Glass Mountain
Mount Shasta is very close to this volcano and is very similar to the Newberry Volcano which is also close
This volcano is located in Lava Beds National Park.
This Volcano has also formed many small Silicic Domes within the last 1500 years with at least 4 lava flows Sources http://peakware.com/peaks.html?pk=2616
http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov Thanks For Watching!
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