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Humans and animals working together.

Humans and animals working together.

Jose Miguel Arias Mejia

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Humans and animals working together.

working together Although most of the time we
use animals for our own interests,
we have developed close relations
with some of them, in which they also get benefits from the relation. Let's see some examples... 1. Mice invade humans houses. 2. Humans try to capture or kill
mice, unsuccessfully. 3. Humans get a cat to hunt the mice. 4. The cat catches the mice and
eats them. 5. Both humans and
cats get what they
want from the other. Humans and Dogs These animals give company to
many people. The owner and the
pet can become true friends. Conservation of wildlife Saving wild animals is not
only good for them but also
necessary for the survival of
humanity. We have always been
helped by animals, even
without noticing it. Nature is always an ally of humans, but we must
learn how to take care of it and of the living
beigns that share their home with us. Dogs and humans work together searching and rescuing people from disasters ¡Development isn't against
nature, but we must be
creative to generate buildings
and technologies without
destroying our planet! When a disaster like an earthquake occurs and people needs
to be rescued 1. 2. people and animals get
together to rescue lost
people an save them 3. Animals an people living together people throughout
history always has
lived with pets and they consider them
part of the family because they respect them the important think is to learn how to live with domestic animals without being mean with them
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