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What's in a name?

By: Luis Cobos and Thomas Sanders. Project for World Cultures Class.

Luis Cobos

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of What's in a name?

Dallas Cowboys History A. When the Dallas Cowboys were established: January 28, 1960
B. The founder of the team: Clint Murchison , Jr.
C. Why the Cowboys reside in Dallas, Texas: There was not yet an NFL team in Texas before 1960, so Clint Murchison, Jr. decided he would start an NFL team in Dallas, Texas.
D. How the team mascot connects to the history of the Southwest Region
The mascot name Rowdy and the fact that Rowdy is a cowboy all refers to the Southwest's reputation as the state where the cowboys lived and herded the rowdy cattle. Cowboys herding cattle was important as cattle raising was the main way to earn money and live in the west back when Texas was still young. Team mascot information A. Dallas Cowboys' Mascot
The team mascot is named Rowdy the cowboy.
B. Nicknames for the Dallas Cowboys
Nicknames for this team are America's Ream, Big D, Doomsday Defense, and The Boys.
C. How the mascot and nickname of the Cowboys connects to the culture of the Southwest Region.
Dallas' team mascot name refers to noisy and disorderly, and is a term used in the western area of the Southwest Region. The Cowboys' nicknames mostly refer to football skills, but it's first nickname probably is a reference to Texas' flag being similar in style and color to America's flag. Team Information A. Name of Team: Dallas Cowboys
B. Location information
-Country: United States
-State: Texas
-City: Arlington
-Longitude and Latitude: 32* North, 97* West
-Region: Southwest Region
C. Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
D. Interesting Facts about the region
-Part of region once belonged to Mexico
-Mexican influence
-National Parks located here
E. Physical Features of this region
-lots of plains in most areas
-large amounts of desert land
-Grand Canyon located here Economy A. The name of the stadium: The Cowboys Stadium
B. Why the stadium has this name: The name of the team is the Dallas Cowboys, so the stadium was simply named after the team: The Cowboys Stadium.
C. Other names for The Cowboys Stadium: The stadium has no other official names or nicknames other than The Cowboys Stadium
D. Why stadiums are being named after businesses rather than individual people.
Businesses paying sports teams for naming rights has become a popular way for sports teams to earn lots of money fast, rather than stadiums becoming named after the people who founded them. This has become more common as time has passed and continues to be a common trend. By: Luis Cobos and Thomas Sanders https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Longitude+and+latitude+of+cowboys+stadium&oq=Longitude+and+latitude+of+cowboys+stadium&gs_l=serp.3...1885.17700.0.17953.
http://football.about.com/cs/teamscowboys/a/bl_dalhistory.htm Bibliography Hope you learned something new from this Prezi! Thanks for Viewing!
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