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Modern Propaganda

No description

Katherine Le

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Modern Propaganda

Modern Propaganda An Analysis Of The
Modern Day
Propaganda What is Propaganda? Red Cross Negative Propaganda As a Whole... Android Vs. Apple References Propaganda is one-sided information or an idea that is deliberately announced to the public in order to gain or endorse something. They're usually persuasive and are often misleading, but they can create a positive or negative feeling. The Red Cross isn't the first
thing that would pop up in
your mind when you think of propaganda, but their ads really
do use it! The all time popular feud between
Apple and Android is also propaganda,
trying to persuade the public about which
product is better than the other. You can
see their ads all over the place! This TV commercial is an example
of a negative way to use propaganda.
Samsung is trying to persuade the
public and even Apple users to switch
to their phone because it has better
features available that the Iphone 5
isn't capable of doing. This makes
the Apple franchise seem outdated. Modern day propaganda can be found
in all places. The propaganda's aim is to gain the
audience's view on a particular subject or
to promote through the use of misinformation.
Using this isn't always bad though, since
it may create different emotions in
the audience. Either way, propaganda
is used to influence the public or a specific group to their side! This magazine ad found in an Oregonian magazine makes the audience feel sympathy and the need to help children and families that have gone through something traumatic, and as a result are homeless or are living in uninhabitable conditions. During this TV ad, Samsung is trying to say the disadvantages of using an Iphone 5 instead of their Samsung Galaxy SIII. This makes people reconsider their opinion about the Iphone and will most likely switch to using the Galaxy SIII. Remember, propaganda doesn't always have to create a negative view on something. It can also
create a positive view. By: Katherine Le This ad is a perfect example of a positive way propaganda is used. The picture is in sepia with dull colors, but the color red in the symbol of the American Red Cross is clearly bolded out by the surrounding colors. This effect gives emphasis on the organization. There is a description of the picture below it describing what is going on. There are buzz phrases inside it that would make people have the urge to go help victims. Generous Comfort Help Protect Care Donate Hero Safe Give Positive Propaganda Let's move on to something different now!
Competition wise, it's better to have the public
think that your rival isn't as great as your own
ideas, beliefs, or products. Brown, Darryl. "Darryl Brown Design and Illustration: Red Cross Ads." Darryl Brown Design and Illustration: Red Cross Ads. Darryl Brown, 10 Mar. 2009. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.

Samsung Makes Fun of Apple IPhone 5 - The Next Big Thing Is Already Here. Prod. Samsung. www.youtube.com. N.p., 19 Sept. 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. <
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