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Latitude and Longitude

No description

Jeff Moreno

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude Spoiler Alert: Expect a Cheesy Clip at the End North South East West What are Latitude Lines?

Lines that change in value when going North and South

Parallel to the equator

Never a negative value, can be as high as 180 degrees Ways to Remember Latitude

The lines run "laterally"

Essentially left to right, or right to left

The transition to this bubble was a lateral movement Longitude Lines

Increase in value when move East or West

Maximum value of Longitude lines is 90 Degrees

Run parallel to the Prime Meridian

Located in Greenwich, England Ways to Remember Longitude

Travel Up and Down on the Globe

Going the Up and Down a Basketball Court

Again the transition to this bubble was an up and down movement, or a change in longitude The Moment You've All Been Waiting For... Using Latitude and Longitude

Can be used to find locations on a map or globe

Here is an example of latitude and longitude is written

Eyota, MN 43° N, 92° W Let's Practice! Don't look overly excited Working by yourself use your text book to find the approximate Latitude and Longitude for each city.

Pg. A8
Jacksonville, FL
Salem, OR
Madison, WI
Austin, TX Now Double Check Your Work!

Turn to a classmate sitting near you (not the partner you just worked with) and check each others answers. If you hurry we may do something fun, in the media center!
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