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Should College Athletes Get Paid ?

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justin smith

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Should College Athletes Get Paid ?

Should College Athletes get paid? pros: Players are entitled to some compensation because of the revenue they bring in and the risk of injury they face.
Athletes from poor backgrounds cannot rely on their families for money, and because of the demand of the sport, they have no time for jobs.
Paying athletes might help stem the tide of those going pro early. Cons: The Top 5 Paid Coachs are

#1: Nick Saban – (Alabama) $5.62 million (Will be $6m by 2017)
#2: Mack Brown (Texas) $5.2 million
#3: Bob Stoops (Oklahoma) $4.5 million
#4: Urban Meyer (Ohio State) $4 million
#5: Les Miles (LSU) $3.8 Million Coaches Introduction: The topic for my research paper is ‘Should College Athletes be Paid to ’. I picked this topic because of all the controversy in college sports about players receiving compensation for how well they on the field. I chose to make a Powerpoint to talk about the reason why college athletes should be paid to play. • Where would the money come from? Most athletic departments do not make a profit. Servey My Mentor What i learned from my topic I learned that my topic brings up a lot of arguments and people will always have a different opinion on it .Some people think they should get paid and other think that they shoudnt , some even made an argument that Athletes shouldnt get scolarships at all My mentor was Samron Hillie Sr I chose Mr Hillie to be my mentor because of his sport I.Q. You may know Mr hillie he has a son that plays basketball for Salisbury High his name is Samron Hillie Jr. How much Colleges make from football 1. Texas Longhorns
Team Value: $119 million
Profit: $59 million
Head Coach: Mack Brown

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Team Value: $108 million
Profit: $38 million
Head Coach: Brian Kelly*

3.am Value: $99 million
Profit: $50 million
Head Coach: Joe Paterno

4.am Value: $93 million
Profit: $49 million
Head Coach: Bo Pelini "NBA Ready" Derius Miles sebastian telfair • Paying only men's basketball and football players would be challenged in court. Title IX suits would be filed because female athletes wouldn't get similar funds.
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