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htc hd2

for discussion and questions, go to htchd2.freeforums.org

Xiao Chuan sun

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of htc hd2

company background Current Marketing Strategy Evaluation New Marketing Strategy THE SMARTPHONE FOR THE SMART PEOPLE From our research on the company history, HTC Corporation, formerly High Tech Computer Corp., is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of portable mobile devices. HTC was founded in 1997, for a telecommunication it is fairly new, HTC started off as an smart phone original equipment manufacturer for other major phone
companies such as HP, Fujutsu-Siemens, Sharp etc. As an OEM, HTC was able to gain lots of technological know-how, its growth accelerated in 2002 when the company was chosen by Microsoft as a hardware development partner for Window Mobile. In early 2006, HTC launched a new device with a unique form factor: the HTC Advantage. The HTC Advantage has a 5” screen and full detachable QWERTY keyboard. This was followed in early 2007 with the introduction of the HTC Shift. Equipped with Windows Vista, this device includes a 7-inch widescreen touch display and a 40 gigabyte hard drive. HTC launched the HTC Touch in June 2007, equipped with TouchFLO so that users simply sweep their finger across the screen to get access to the most commonly used content, contacts and features. In 2009, the company started moving away from the Window based OS to
Android OS. Company History SWOT Analysis Strengths *Continuous product improvement and new phone development.
* 25% of workforce is in the R&D department
* (Highly skilled management/executives.
* Excellent marketing (website, facebook, youtube etc)

•Phones available from a
limited range of retailers
•Limited presence in Australia
•HTC has not yet established itself
as a household name
Weaknesses •R&D creates new phones and product development/ many opportunities available
•New smartphone market direction towards Android operating system.
•Opportunity to increase market share
•Smartphone market becoming a bigger part of mobile phone industry
Opportunities Threats •Company operates in a highly competitive market
•Lots of competition, competes with Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, HP, Blackberry etc
•Increased popularity of tablet PC’s (such as Apple iPad, HP Slate, ThinkPad tablet PC)
Positioning Strategy Marketing Objectives Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion Place Mx Magazine advertising The HTC HD2 has appeared in the Mx magazine, on 6 different dates, it has appeared in a total of 8 varied advertisements with varied subjects which are the screen, portability/interaction, image storage/portability, video portability, personal image and texting capacity and functionality. HTC has a HD2 Facebook page which is divided into five separate pages (wall, info, photos, discussions and links), the main function of this page is to allow people to discuss the HD2 easily. HTC HD2 is marketed by introducing all of its features. There are five
sections which are overview, product tour, a closer look, photo gallery and specification. Target Market Our competitive advantages We want to position ourselves as the leader in the Smartphone phone market in terms of built-quality, functionality and status. we have identified the following differentiations as our competitive advantages. Product differentiation A massive 4.3 inch screen with 800x400 resolution
light weight
A 5 mega pixel camera
built-in Microsoft office applications
1000MHz processor speed

The Smartphone for the smart people Image differentiation HTC is a fairly new company that, yet HTC are able to compete with much more experienced companies out there. The image differentiation offer by HTC is a young, innovative, energetic company that offers the best personal communication devices.

Current marketing positioning is "Quietly Brilliant", it's about doing this things in a humble way
Product positioning HTC HD2 is to positioned as a high-end Smartphone, the best Non-Adroid based Smartphone in Australia.

We are also positioning HTC HD2 as the "iPhone killer." Personal Communication music player portable movie player Mobile Internet Entertainment Large screen Built Quality Style Online application store Warranty Business tool Online community support Telstra support Microsoft Office Mobile HTC HD2 is classified as a shopping consumer products, we expect people to compare between other phone makers. HTC has a Twitter page. YouTube YouTube is an extremely large and complex database, to simplify this:
If you type 'HTC HD2' into the YouTube search box, the following are the first 10 results you get:
Video Name (Posted/Created By):
(1) HTC Desire from Telstra (TelstraCorp)
(2) Link to Official HTC YouTube Channel (HTC)
(3) HTC HD2 review - part 1 of 2 (Mobileburn)
(4) HTC HD2 Walkthrough (Paulatmodaco)
(5) Introducing the new HTC HD2 (HTC)
(6) HTC HD2 vs Iphone 3Gs comparison (Iphoneklr)
(7) HTC HD2 Internet Browsing (Pocketnowvideo)
(8) Google Wave Preview, HTC HD2 crushes iPhone, DI ... (Revision3)
(9) HTC HD2 hands-on review (Stuffmagazine)
(10) HTC HD2 vs. Nexus One (CNETTV)

9 RELATED, 1 UNRELATED Retail companies: The following two comapnies have the HTC HD2 for sale:
(1) JB HI FI
(2) Telstra
HTC Website: We will keep the HTC website the same, expect we will have a price section and will update it with prices as they change in the marketplace.
Also in the section where it lists the retailers, we will be more specific. YouTube: We will keep using the YouTube marketing opportunity but will make some changes which are:
We will post phone comparisons conducted by the HTC Corporation instead of leaving this task to other companies as well as indiviual people. Facebook: we will keep using the Facebook marketing opportunity, but we will make some changes:
We will get our HTC employees/management/executives to reply to peoples comments on facebook, we will also get our HTC employees to post comments and advice and other useful information on the HTC Facebook page Twitter: we will also keep the Twitter marketing opportunity, but we will get our HTC employees to play a more engaged and active role in maintaining the HTC Twitter page We will open a HTC retail store in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta CBD or another high foot traffic location We will also start selling the HTC HD2 in Myer and David Jones We will also keep selling the HTC HD2 in JB HI FI and the Telstra shop Retail store: When we open our retail store, we will be getting free advertising directed to the foot traffic walking past and also people in cars, buses and other modes of transportation Mx magazine advertising: we will keep advertising the product in the Mx magazine Mx magazine advertising justification:
The main people who read the Mx magazine are people aged 18 to 39.
65.4% of the people who read the Mx magazine are employed in the following occupations/positions:
Managers and administrators
Professionals and para professionals or employees (white collar)
230,618 people (employed in the city) recive Mx/weekday afternoon in (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)
NOTE: 230,618 = Syd + Melb + Bris
Mx magazine advertising = EFFECTIVE HTC Website = EFFECTIVE, BUT IMPROVEMENTS POSSIBLE Twitter = EFFECTIVE, BUT IMPROVEMENTS POSSIBLE Retail companies (JB HI FI and Telstra) = EFFECTIVE Facebook = EFFECTIVE, BUT IMPROVEMENTS POSSIBLE YouTube = EFFECTIVE, BUT IMPROVEMENTS POSSIBLE Value based pricing Market Skimming Pricing Bundle product/services pricing Because we are re-launching the HTC HD2, we are going to implement value based pricing strategy. We are pricing the HTC HD2 based on consumer value perception of the current market leader which is the Apple iPhone. Our price will be slightly higher than the iPhone 3GS, but due the much superior specification, we hope to convince the consumers that we are offering a better value. HTC HD2 is sold with built-in GPS, charger, memory card, case, headphones. This time the price of the HD2 will be cheaper than the launch price,
HTC website Internet advertising Xiao Chuan Sun (15910673)

Richard Sweeney (16592070)

Xiao Juan Xue (Bella; 16980684)

Chi Quyen Huynh (Kevin; 16640069)

Hao Yao (16908710) Group members Referencing to become the top 3 Smartphone supplier by 2014
to increase the marketshare from 5% to 20% by 2014 http://mp3.news.com.au/hwt/mX%20Rate%20Card%2009%2010_email.pdf www.htc.com.au
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