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Womens rights V.S Mens rights

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Daniel Birkle

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Womens rights V.S Mens rights

women's rights
Women were not allowed to learn in school as men were.
Women were pressured through peers.
The women did not have a choice whether or not to have her feet tied up to stay small or bound.
Women were forced to stay at home and learn domestic work such as weaving ,taking care of the children in the vicinity, and cleaning.
Women were definatly not treated like royalty.
Women had to read nice poetry for a good baby.
Who had the most rights?????
Men had the most rights, men were paid more and treated better than women were in ancient china. This project shows how much things have changed since the ancient times.
Men rights
The man was the leader of the household.
If you were a boy you were lucky
If you were the oldest boy you were the leader of the household and your other siblings would move in with you.
Men were allowed to tell the women what to do and if the man and woman were divorced the women was considered a disgrace to her family.
If you were the husband then you have to carry the bride on a pan over a burning coal to ensure a successful labor.
The father could legally kill his offspring if they did not listen to him.
Only rich family's sons were allowed to go to school.
Kids had to work hard and by hard I mean very very hard, they worked on crops and they had to take care of all of there siblings.
Boys worked very hard in school to prepare for there government test.
Women's rights V.S Mens rights in Ancient China
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