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Professional Attire: A Short Guide on How to Not Look Horrible Most of the Time

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Kenneth Wong

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Professional Attire: A Short Guide on How to Not Look Horrible Most of the Time

Clueless about what to wear in the office?
Worried that you've got on the wrong thing?
Did you walk into the office naked again?
Time to learn about professional attire.
Professional Attire
A Short Guide on Being Fresh to Death
Do What Don Draper Does.
Executive level men are nearly always expected to wear a suit with a button down shirt and tie when they are in the office.
Also for: conferences and meetings with clients, as well as business-related social functions
Younger executives may venture outside the traditional confines of gray, blue and black suits and business separates in favor of patterns, as well as patterned shirts and ties.
Less Formal Business Attire
Sport coats and jackets with tailored slacks or khakis are usually acceptable office wear for middle and entry level men.
Meant for social occasions
A tie is optional
Clothing such as khaki pants or neat, dark colored jeans with a button down or high quality polo-type shirt
Don't wear hats. You can't pull it off like Don Draper can.
Accessories for Men
Accessories Make an Otherwise Dull Outfit Look Awesome
Men don’t get to wear a lot of accessories.
Shoes should match or coordinate with the outfit and be neatly shined. Lace up shoes or slip-on leather shoes are acceptable. (No sneakers or open-toed shoes)
No earrings. Or studs. Or nose/septum piercings. Nada.
Don't have too many pieces worn at once.
A wristwatch or pocket watch, class ring and/or wedding ring, and a single neck chain (worn beneath the shirt with the shirt buttoned)
You can get a decent watch on Amazon for $50-60.
You Have Way More Options Than Men
(It's Almost Unfair.)
Women have a wide variety of fashions to choose from.
More about what you’re not allowed to wear than what you are allowed to wear
Fanny Packs
Sweatshirts and Sweatpants
Footless Leggings and Spandex/Yoga Pants
Leather Pants
Visible Tattoos
Velour/Juicy Tracksuits
Message Tees
Showing Too Much Skin
Heavy Makeup
What You Wore Yesterday
Excessive Jewelry
Sports Jerseys
Long Fingernails
Messy, Wrinkled or Torn Clothing
Wallet Chain
Sunglasses Inside
All-Over Animal Print
Short Shorts
No for Women...or anyone/thing in an office
Yes. It's Important.
Shower daily
Be mindful of your breath
Wash your hands
Trim and clean your nails
Cough/sneeze into elbow, not hand
Clean clothes
Clean face – eye boogers and ear wax
Trim nose hairs
Combed/brushed/styled hair
Don't be that guy/girl.
Mama/Papa didn't raise no fool.
General Tips
A good suit has so much mileage
Fitted for you is the best kind
Know what patterns work for you
Learn your tie knots
Body language and posture
Iron. Your. Clothes.
Observe what your supervisors in your office wear as good examples of professionalism
Why Does This Matter?
It's really important!
People are often affected by visual cues
Your first impression is heavily influenced by your manner of dress
You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but don't expect everyone to be as benevolent as you
When you look good, you feel good
People will make assumptions about your professionalism based on how you carry yourself
Professional dress includes posture and speech (no slouching or casual language)
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