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Big Sister

No description

Dianna De Guzman

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Big Sister

Write at least 3 Pre-reading Questions.
a. Who is the Big Sister? Why is this story entitled in that way?
- The Big sister is named Inciang, because maybe Inciang is a very kind eldest sister that will do anything for her younger sibling/s. As we all know, in Philippine family traditions, the eldest or Big sister is always the ones who gives away or called “paraya” for the younger one’s sake. Inciang sacrificed a lot for her sibling, that’s why this story is entitled in that way.

b. What did Inciang sacrificed for his brother Itong?
- Inciang sacrificed her own future for Itong’s success. Maybe Itong has a dream to be successful in his studies and Inciang had to stop her own for his brother.

c. What are the changes happened to Itong when he grown up?
- He’s already being secretive to her “ate” that he already forgot that her big sister is the only person that will understand him.

Where is the setting of the story? What is the time period of the story? Where does the story takes place?
- The story takes place in 2 places. First, in a place in Ilocos (unknown) where Inciang’s family lives. Second, In Vigan, where Itong go to pursue his studies.The time period of the story is past, in late 1940’s.
Who are the characters in the story? Describe briefly who they are and their relationship to other characters.

– the younger brother of Inciang, he have to go to Vigan to pursue his studies because was granted to have scholarship for being a valedictorian. He was afraid of being away from his sister but when he grown up, he changed. He become secretive to Inciang especially to his lovelife.

– she is the Big sister of Itong. She stood up as the mother of her brother when their mother passed away. She does all for her brother and she want her brother to be forever young and beside her.

Father of Inciang and Itong (unknown)
- never married again when her wife died and prioritized their farm land. Wants his son Itong to become successful in his studies.

Tia Orin
- aunt of Inciang and Itong. Become very supportive to them.

- the childhood crush and the apple of the eye of Itong.

What is the Plot of the story? Give a brief summary.
Inciang’s mother died after giving birth to Itong. At that time, Inciang at her early age of 6, stood up to be the mother of his brother. She watched Itong in growing up and does all the chores for the family. She become very attached to her brother that even the feelings of Itong for Nena, her playmate was still shared to her. But one time, a good or bad news came, Itong was granted a scholarship because of being the valedictorian in their class. But he have to be away from his sister and father because the school is located at Vigan. Years passed, Itong never forgot to send her “ate” a letter, sharing the things happened to his life in Vigan. Time came when Itong visited her ate and Inciang sees changes to his brother, Itong is already becoming secretive to her especially with courting to someone, and that breaks her heart. She don’t want her brother to be grown up. She don’t want seeing Itong to be getting away from her. But one night, She realized, she couldn’t keep Itong forever young. She already accepted having a sister, Nena.
by Consorcio Borje
What is the Conflict in the story? Write down the sentence that proves your answer.
- The conflict of the story was when Inciang sees changes to his brother because Itong’s becoming very secretive to her already. She don’t want Itong to be away from her.
*When Inciang saw Itong writing a letter and asked, “What are you writing about? And Itong replied “Nothing Manang”*
What is the resolution of the story? How was the conflict resolved? Write down the sentence that proves your answer.
- Inciang realized that she cannot keep her brother forever in her side. So she just accept the truth that Itong will be falling inlove and will change.
“But that night, she knew despite all the ache of her heart, she couldn’t keep Itong forever young”
“After all, she thought as she gave Nena the pestle, she never had a sister, she would like to see how it was to have a sister”

Give a short background of the Writer. Was there anything in the author’s life that influenced him to write this particular story?
- Consorcio Borje won the 1941 Commonwealth Award for Literature for his collection of 47 short stories. His Book was never published because WWII came and the manuscript was lost. (source: sushidog.com) It’s not written in his background what influenced him to write this story.
What is the genre or theme of the story.
- The genre of the story is Melodrama. Melodrama is a story that emphasizes action over characterization and features exaggeratedly dramatic plot elements. Because this story is somehow dramatic due to the love of Inciang to her brother.
What is the Irony in the story, if any?
- In this story, there is no Irony or turning of events because what we expect that Inciang would accept the things regarding Itong happened.

– coarse or boisterous in behaviour, rough.

– to prepare or combining raw materials.

– a close friend especially of long standing.

– force

– An intimate friend or asscociate.

What lesson did you learn from the story?
- The love of your sibling and family is the most irreplaceable thing on earth.
What is the meaning of this story for you?
• Literal Meaning- Big Sister’s literal definition was the eldest sister.
• Symbolic Meaning – “Big Sister” in this story means a very kind eldest sister that would suffer for her younger sibling’s sake.
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