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Student-led Portfolio Conferences

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Jenny O'Fee

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Student-led Portfolio Conferences

Student-led Portfolio Conferences
The Purpose of a Student -led Portfolio Conference
What should be included in a learning portfolio?
Students selecting work for their portfolio.
Student reflections
Student - parent conference
Further information about student-led portfolio conferencing
What are Student-led Portfolio Conferences?
A student-led portfolio conference provides students with the opportunity to celebrate, reflect and question their learning. Students invite their parents into the classroom to view their portfolio, engage in dialogue about classroom experiences and to demonstrate their learning growth.
Students & parents sharing learning
The Student-led Conference
The '
Big Picture'
of the Student-led Portfolio conference is this:

coordinates an appropriate time for the conferences to take place in the classroom with ideally no more than 3 or 4 conferences taking place at any one time.

leads their guest/parents through ' a guided tour' of their learning, showing their selected pieces of work and reading their learning reflections. They may visit different 'stations' in the classroom to demonstrate or show learning activities to their parents too.

listen, discuss and ask questions about the students selected pieces of work and the learning progress they have made.

What are the benefits for students, parents and teachers?
Portfolio conferencing...
fosters student ownership of their learning
allows students space and time to be heard
builds confidence and self-esteem
facilitates open, authentic communication about their individual learning progress
focuses upon personal self-reflection of student learning
promotes student learning diversity
allows students take the role of leader
teaches students how to select and organize their learning
enables students, parents and teachers to share and review learning goals.
allows students to feel valued and proud of their learning progress.
Examples of work selection for a student learning portfolio
The portfolio should have work that demonstrates the learning progress in a range of ways:
questions, brainstorming, mind - mapping or notes as part of research projects
writing samples from different stages of the writing process
blog entries
digital media presentations
Photographs- these could include, performances, field trips, group work, sports, art work and investigations
sound or video recordings
mathematical problem solving tasks
peer and teacher feedback
reading logs and reflections
diagrams, images, charts.
goal setting from throughout the year.
The Student Portfolio
A portfolio is a collection of a student's work that shows progression over a period of time. It is a collection of work that tells a story of what the child is learning and how that learning is taking place.

The contents of a portfolio focus upon each individual student's achievements, challenges, personal interests, strengths and goals for the future. The student and teacher select pieces of work to be included in the portfolio.

Essential agreements for a successful Student led Portfolio conference
It is the teacher's role to:
give students clear guidelines and support them in their work selection and reflections
facilitate a learning-focused, welcoming environment in which students meet with parents.
prepare students by building this portfolio of learning from the beginning of the year
implement periodic goal setting and learning reviews
select an effective format in which these portfolios can be shared i.e. if these are digital portfolios - what tool will best serve this?
create an atmosphere of valuing the learning process and promoting discussion around this
communicate, prepare and engage parents in the whole process.
to celebrate and give evidence of achievement
to encourage reflection on the learning process and on achievements
to encourage students and parents to see learning as a continuous process
to foster a sense of pride in one's work, thus building self-esteem
to highlight the value of the learning process rather than focus being on the product
to enable students to retain ownership of their own work and thus become active participants in their own learning
to set and review learning goals
to examine growth over time
to ensure student accountability and responsibility for their learning

favourite pieces of work by the student/teacher
evidence of a mastering a particular skill or understanding
work produced in response to a given task
examples of work from a range of subject areas
evidence of development over time
evidence of achievement in both independent and group contexts
work that demonstrates overcoming a personal challenge in understanding ( an 'aha' moment)
learning that has developed from personal interest - project based or inquiry based tasks
reflections on learning experiences/attitudes.

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