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how color was made

ThIs Is ThE bEsT pReZi EvEr MaDe!1!1!1! JK. But srsly this is an interesting prezi. It is a myth that I made up. Hope you enjoy!

stafford williams

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of how color was made

(keep in mind that during this time Iris wasn't the rainbow goddess) Iris, the messenger of the gods, had just found out that the humans were going crazy because there was no color in the world. So, she decided to tell the king of the gods, Zeus. Zeus told her that the humans will have to suffer because he didn't have time for their little problems. Iris was defiant, but smart. She was going to help the humans no matter what. Although, she knew that if she angered Zeus, he would punish her. So, she went to get help.


A greek myth made by, Stafford Williams
Keep in mind that this myth is made by me, not the ancient greeks. :p
This is a greek letter called Alpha. It means
Iris went to ask the wisest goddess for help, Athena. Athena told her that there was only one known way to create color to the world. And that, she said, was mixing light and a certain shape called a prism. She also sad that the prism had to be made out of Imperial Gold tinted crystal, which was very rare. The only known god to have it was Hephaestus. So, Athena and Iris went to Hephaestus to get the prism.
When Athena and Iris finally got to Hephaestus's palace, They had some trouble getting Hephaestus to make them an Imperial gold tinted prism. He said he would need a donation. So, Athena created the blueprint for a tool that had never been though of before. A drill. Hephaestus just had to get his hands on that drill. So, within two days Hephaestus made them the prism in exchange for the new item called a "drill."
When Iris and Athena made it back to Athena's palace, they decided that if they were going to spread color all over the world, they would need to get somewhere high. So they went to Mount Olympus. Right when they had set up the crystal and were about to shine the light through it, Zeus appeared. He was in a rage. He demanded to know what was going on. When Iris told him, he was infuriated. Right when he was about to strike them down with lightning, Athena held up the prism and it was shattered by the force of Zeus's lightning.
When it looked like all was lost, the light from Zeus's lightning bolt had made a rainbow! Just in time, Iris grabbed the rainbow in a special jar. She stuck her hand inside of it and absorbed the rainbow power. She spread it all around the earth and all of the humans were happy. Everyone was happy, except for Zeus. He was still enraged that they had acted without his permission. But, lucky for Iris, the very smart Athena convinced Zeus of all of the wonderful statues that the humans could make for him now that there was beautiful color in the world. Zeus was convinced. He told them that if they ever did something like that again he would punish them. After that, all of the people and gods lived happily ever after. Until the Romans took over Greece..... But that's a different story.
In the greek alphabet, this symbol is called omega. It means

get it now? :D
get it? :D
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