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Antsy Does Time

No description

Hull Elementary

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Antsy Does Time

Antsy Does Time
frame 4
Some of the minor charters are Antsy's parents,Lexie,Howie, and Ira. Lexie is Antsy's close friend. Howie and Ira are Antsy's friends as well. Aunt Mona is Antsy's aunt who constantly complains.
frame 7
Gunnar has a disease that only allows him to live for 6 more months. Antsy feels bad for Gunnar and gets a lot of people to donate months. After that Antsy realizes that Gunnar got an online diagnosis and is fake. Gunnar thinks its real.
frame 1
Antsy Does Time
Neal Scutcheon
genre: fiction
To entertain
lexile level:890L
A dying boy's life is getting longer by people donating months.
frame 2
frame 5
the 3 main settings are Gunnar's house Antsy's house and school. Gunnar's house is where Antsy and Gunnar usually meet. they also see each other at school as well. Antsy's house is were Antsy lives.
frame 6
One of the main events is the Gunnar pep rally.Another main evnt is where Gunnar and Kjersten move back to Sweden.

Antsy helps a boy named Gunnar who only has 6 months to live. Antsy feels bad for Gunnar and decides to donate a month of his life to poor Gunnar. Other people like Antsy's idea. Some different kids start to donate months of their life's too.

The main characters are Antsy, Gunnar ,and Kjersten .
Antsy and Gunnar are friends. kjersten is Gunnar's older sister.
frame 8
the rising action is the Thanksgiving day parade. On the subway Gunnar and Antsy meet. Then Antsy finds out Gunnar only has 6 months to live.
frame 9
The climax of the story is after Antsy donates a month. Every one is wanting to donate a month.Nobody is taking it seriously.
frame 10
The falling action is where Antsy,Gunnar and Kjersten find their Dad. then they move back to Sweden.
frame 11
The resolution is where Gunnar is misdiagnosed and can live a lot longer.After that every one takes back there months.

frame 12
The theme is to honor the time you have. Also I think that you shouldn't believe everything. Gunnar thinks he's sick when he's not.
frame 13
some reading stratgies I used are
1.reading the sentence over again
2.context cules
frame 3

frame 14
yes i do recomend this book. it's funny and enjoyable.
I really liked Antsy does time.
it was funny had a splendid plot. I recommend this book.
frame 15
1.He was born in Brooklyn new york. (where the story takes place)
2.Went to university of California.
3.wrote 16 novels.
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