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Musical/Rhythmic Learning

No description

Tiela Banks

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Musical/Rhythmic Learning

1. I listen to music
2. I move my fingerof feet when I hear music
3. I have good rythm.
4. I like to sing along with music.
5. People have said I have musical talent.
6. I like to expressmy ideas through music.
What is musical learning?
A musical learner is one of eight types of intelligence in Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. It refers to a person’s ability to understand sound, rhythm, patterns in sound and relationships between sounds as well as their ability to process auditory information. It is important to note that these intelligences are not absolutes, and each student will have a unique combination of multiple intelligences, and few if any can be classified as a single type of learner, such as a "Musical Learner".
Music is awesome and it's a wonderful way to learn. Possessing the ability to connect classroom content to song, rhythm, and beat can tend to be very helpful as well as a memory tool.
Musical/Rhythmic Learning
By: Tiela Banks and Joshua Griep
What it means?
You can sense tonal qualities
Being sensitive to sounds and rhythms in music and in spoken languange
Using an understanding of musical patterns to hear music
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eText- "Keys to college success
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