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Vanessa Castro

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Montenegro Volunteering Program
Main Idea
The program stimulates JD employees to perform volunteer activities in the neediest communities. The activities performed are: visiting children in hospitals, shelters and orphanages, charity institution renovations, and activities related to the environment. We have a schedule of the activities performed during the year.
First steps
March: Let´s Give a Hand for Easter @ Children´s Cancer Institute
May: Children´s Cancer Institute Annual Fundraising Dinner
June: Volunteer painting @ Lar do Menor
July: Milk donation campaign for 550 kids from communitiy-based schools and Children´s Cancer Institute

By Vanessa Castro

Children´s Day
X-Mas Party
May: free theater sessions for public schools in Montenegro
From June 18 to 22, we remodeled the rural school "Henrique Pedro Zimmermann"
And after!
A Halloween Party 4 Children´s Day
November: JDBM Open House
November: Charity Bazaar with JD Store Collection Items
December: X-Mas presents for 160 kids
Upcoming events...
Clown for Curious Workshop and Storytelling for Volunteers;
Volunteers assisting the elderly;
Planting a vegetable garden;
International volunteer day;
Letters to Santa @ X-Mas

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