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Testing as Problem Solvin

No description

Wasim Malik

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Testing as Problem Solvin


An Overview of
The Book

Purpose of

Different Kinds of
Testing & Techniques

Prepared by :
G.Abbas, Sajid Naeem
Hafiz Naeem Shazad
Nabahat Shanza

The Best Test:
The Best Technique:
A test which proves ideal for one purpose may be ideal
for one purpose may be quite useless for another.
A technique which may work very well in one situation
can be inappropriate another one.
This chapter gives an idea of testing as problem solving and to show the context and structure of the book designed to help and to become successful solvers of testing problems.
To equip reader with basic knowledge
Create a Test or Testing System
General Testing Problems
Purpose of Testing
Chap # 3
Direct & Indirect Test
Criterion Reference Testing & Norm Reference Testing
Testing as Problem Solving
Presented to : Ma'am Farrukh Amina
To measure language proficiency
To discover student's learning have achieved the goal or not.
To diagnose student's strength & weakness
Different Kinds of
Testing & Techniques
Discrete-Point v/s Integrative Testing
Objective & Subjective Testing
An Overview
of The

So, there is no best test and best technique.
We need some ways to solve these testing problems.
Techniques to solve problems
To evaluate the solutions proposed or implemented by others
To argue persuasively for improvement in testing process
Consistently provide accurate measures of the abilities
To have a beneficial effect on teaching
To become economical in term of time and money
Testers have to be clear about the purpose of testing
Different kind of purposes requires different kind of test
To assist students by identifying the stage of their abilities
Consist of Kinds of Test & Testing
How validity is measures regarding test
Chap # 4
Chap # 5
Chap # 6
Chap # 7
Chap # 8
Advises how to achieve validity
Talks about beneficial backwash
Comments about various stages of test construction
States Testing Technique
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