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How does the Economy help Create Your Identity?

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jasline parmar

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of How does the Economy help Create Your Identity?

How do You Interact with the Economy Daily?
How do Different Cultures Affect Us?
Social Studies 10 1-4
by: Sandra, Kim, Jasline

How does the
Economy Help
Create Your

What is Economy?
"The management of the resources of a community, country, etc., especially with a view to its productivity."

How does Technology Affect us?
Culture is a society's way of life. Culture is distinguished by a society's political, social, musical, religious, and artistic ways. Also, by their food, sports, language, clothing, and humour. A society is either a group of people, a nation, or a social group.
Other Influences
"Vancouver is the world's most Asian city outside of Asia"
Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism
International students
Variety of language classes
Lots of different cuisines
Cultural activities
Many immigrants
Cable and radio channels
Employers are a lot pickier about who they hire
Job searches still take a long time
Companies still expecting people to do more with less
It's difficult to change fields
banks regulate cash flow into the economy (ex. recession)
interest rates
exchange rates
supply and demand of imports and exports
transportation services (ex. Translink)
French Influence
British allowed French to keep their language, religion, and customs after their defeat in 1759
Official second language of Canada
French in Canadian flags
Quebec and New Brunswick
French taught in schools
Crepes, croissants, baguettes
British Influence
Many different kinds of cultures affect Canada. We are known as having a lot of cultural diversity. It is said that Canada is "very progressive, diverse, and multicultural." Canadian culture is greatly influenced by the British, French, American, and Asian societies.
Canada colonized by the British
British defeated French
The Queen of England on our money
Members of the British Commonwealth of Nations
English language
Parliamentary Democracy System
The Effects on Our Environment
Agriculture- food that's locally grown and food that's exported/imported
Global warming- deforestation, and ozone layer is deteriorating due to growing levels of pollution
Natural resources are being mined and used at a much higher rate than can be replenished
-Hence the movement towards becoming "green" (ex. using solar/wind power, organic food production, composting, planting of trees by corporations, etc.)
Thanks for listening!
Social media changes the way we interact with others
More people are relying on the Internet instead of doctors
Social media can become very dangerous
-Sexual Predators
-Internet Addiction
Natural resources
are acquired from our environment
-Clear Cut
-Selective Logging
-Sport Fishing
Non-renewable resources
only have a limited amount, take millions of years to renew, vulnerable to running out
Pay for public services:
Public healthcare
Recreational services
Public service employees

Takes a lot away from income
Uncertain of where taxes are going
Paying taxes for public services we don't use or are opposed to
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