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Psychedelic Summer Camp


Jonathan Thompson

on 1 May 2016

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Transcript of Psychedelic Summer Camp

I Envision a week
which culminates in a sacred experience.
I Envision a Place
where psychedelic family values are taught through the power of lived experience and honest parenting.
I Envision a Place
where the stories of the community are transmitted around bonfires, ablaze with spirit and song.
Psychedelic Summer Camp
I Envision a Place
I Envision a Place
Where Magic
is real.
where my children and grandchildren will experience The Mysteries in safety and freedom.
I Envision a Place
where the best techniques of conservation and cultivation are passed on.
Where the wisdom
of the elders is celebrated and shared.
where astonishment is cultivated.
Where the ancestors
are remembered.
Where sense of "self"
is joined with sense of family, community, planet, and The Divine.
Where our teenagers
are blessed with Mother's Embrace, with visions of their role in the larger story of humanity, and find their place at the table in the adult world.
Psychedelic Family Values
Spiritual Growth and Openness
Radical Honesty
Infinite Curiosity
Conscious Living
Authentic Expression
Where we make the time
to welcome them into the community as adults through powerful rites of passage.
"Those of us who know and appreciate these medicines know that the family that trips together has a better chance of staying together. So much of the social dysfunction that we have in society stems from dysfunctional families. If they were able to share these medicines in a meaningful way it would go a long way toward reducing family violence and making us a less violent, more compassionate society. Also, we lack any kind of societal recognition of the importance of rites of passage. It’s one of the things we need to rediscover and adopt from indigenous people that would make our society a lot better. "
--Dr Dennis McKenna
Come add to the vision @
"The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere."
--Terence McKenna
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