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The Miraculous Journey of the Monarch Butterfly

Watch, enjoy, and learn about the life-cycle of the Monarch

Joe C

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Miraculous Journey of the Monarch Butterfly

Egg Monarch Butterfly The Miraculous Journey
of the
Monarch Butterfly This presentation is intended to give students a visual, self-paced guide to the life of the Monarch butterfly. Students will witness the Monarch's life cycle and visually experience the incredible journey it takes every year. It is designed to be viewed in a small group or individual learning center, but may also be used as whole group. Instructional Purpose Pupa
Chrysalis Caterpillar
(Larva) Monarch Butterfly The Journey The Life Cycle 3.3.4.A.1 - Identify life processes of living things (e.g., growth, digestion, react to environment).
3.3.4.A.2 - Know that some organisms have similar external characteristics (e.g., anatomical characteristics; appendages, type of covering, body segments) and that similarities and differences are related to environmental habitat.
3.3.4.A.3 - Describe basic needs of plants and animals.
3.5.4.C.3 - Explain how the different seasons effect plants, animals, food availability and daily human life. Pennsylvania Standards BBC. All Rights Reserved., (2009). Monarch Butterfly: A Migration Journey [Video Segment]. Retrieved September 12, 2012 from http://app.discoveryeducation.com/core:player/view/assetGuid/9017634E-5DDB-4BEE-B494-61489561F973

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Digital Media in the Classroom Joe Caffrey
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