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My cat Cookie Monster

No description

Kirsten Smith

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of My cat Cookie Monster

my cat cookie monster
Cookie is 4 years old
His birthday is May 27, 2006
He is a black and white cat
He likes to go outside, even though he's an indoor cat
I got him from the Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old
His real naem is Cookie Whitesocks. Cookie Monster is just his nickname.
Cookie's favoriet things to do
He loves to play with laser pens. they are his favorite toy, other than toys with feathers on them.
He likes to roll around in catnip, then go tearing through the house like someone is chasing after him.
He likes to play with his tail, which he has forgotten he has and flips out when he sees it.
he likes to lay in the bathroom sink in the summertime, until you turn the water on.
my cat has done some very funny things. he forgot he had a tail one time and he turned around, did a little flip, and tried to chase his tail like it was going to hurt him. my cat isn't very bright. when he was little he would couch surf, which is him pulling himself across the bottom of my couch, and getting howled at by my dog.
cookie hates baths, but whenever he hears the water start going in the bathroom, he runs into the bathrrom and then panics when you close the door on him. You would think he would learn when he did get a bath and i fell in the tub with him 3 times. It was really bad and i was really wet.
cookie dosent really like my little sister, beacuse shes loud and likes to play with him.( poor cookie!)
cookie likes to lay in the bathroom sink, but doesnt like water, so when he does lay in there and you turn the water on, he's not to happy to see you coming towards him in the hallway.
i love my cat but, sometimes, you just have to have a little fun and put him in one of those silly cat hats. i feel bad for him sometimes.....
cookie doesnt care for dogs who get really close and snugley with him...
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