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Saturday 20

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Saturday 20

Conversation -
Famous people
Do you think you can become a famous person?

What do you need to become a celebrity?

What is a paparazzi?
Make couples and describe your favorite famous person.
What do you think about these famous people?

Do you want to be like them?
Make couples select one famous character and answer the following questions, then share your answer with the rest of the class
Impersonate a famous character
Your coach will randomly select some students to come to the front and she/he will impersonate a famous person and answer the other students questions
("Yes or no" famous character)
The coach will divide the class in 2 groups.
One student will go to the front and the coach will whisper him/her the name of a famous person.
The rest of students will ask questions to the student at the front and he/she will answer "yes" or "not"
Each group will be able to ask questions by turns and the group who guesses the famous person, will receive a point.
Role play
Make couples practice the role play and act it out.
A. Your favorite artist is coming to El Salvador and will give a concert, ask for permission to your mom/dad because you want to go.

B. Ask for details to your son/daughter and depending on the artist and type of music, give him/her permission.
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