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Burundi, Africa

No description

Alicyn Henderson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Burundi, Africa

Burundi, Africa
By: Alicyn, Sydney, Evan, Clarissa
Geographical Location
The Flag of Burundi
The flag of Burundi was chosen on March 28, 1967. The green color symbolizes hope, the white symbolizes peace, and red symbolizes the people who fell in the struggle for independence.
Burundi, Africa is located in Central Africa, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and south of Rwanda. It's a total of 27, 830 sq. kilometer, 2,150 kilometers of that being water. When in comparison to other land, it is just slightly smaller than Maryland today. The climate is often warm and humid, having two wet seasons (February to May and September to November), along with two dry seasons (June to August and December to January). It is landlocked, in the crest of the Nile-Congo watershed. The most useful natural resources include: nickel, uranium, gold, and limestone. The most commonly occurring natural disasters are flooding, landslides, and often droughts. The terrain of Burundi is mostly hilly and mountainous, it's highest point being 2, 670 meters high, at Mt. Heha.
Burundi cities are split into different provinces for convenient administration. Bujumbura is the capital of the country. The capital serves as the export and import of Burundi. Another city, Gitega, is the second biggest city. The famous Burundi National Museum is located here and is one of the prime attractions.
Types of cities or villages
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