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High Blood Pressure

No description

Fantastic Five

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of High Blood Pressure

Created By Celeste Leong, Georgia Maskell, Celina Vo and Shabab Hasan

High Blood Pressure

- Lifestyle Modifications
3. Role of Health Care Professionals
-Comparison and Contrast
4. Video
5.Teamwork Processes
6. References
- overweight,
- alcohol consumption,
- physical inactivity,
- dietary salt intake and nutrition patterns -eg. low intake of fruit and vegetables + a high intake of saturated fat.
- Stress raises blood pressure transiently

- Renal
-Cardiovascular - coarctation of the aorta
- Other- steroid therapy

Team Processes
Finding TIME to hold meetings and rehearsals was the biggest issue.
To overcome this we adopted several strategies:
- One meeting per week
- Skype
- Google Doc
- Text messaging

● There are two types of hypertension (primary and secondary).

● Treatments include:
- HCPs
- lifestyle changes
- medicine

● Support services (Heart Foundation etc)

Primary Hypertension:
Secondary Hypertension:
Lifestyle Modifications
Drug Treatments
Role of Health care Professionals
management of hypertension 2008


External resources


Support Services
Support Services
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Figure 1: The Benefits of Exercise [6]
Roles of Health Care professionals in the Treatment of Hypertension
Specialists (i.e. cardiologist)
General Practitioners
Nutritionists / Dietitians
Occupational Therapists
Exercise Physiologists / Trainers

Role of a Cardiologist and General Practitioner
Patient testing or monitoring
Examination of test results to determine an accurate diagnosis
Decide an effective and appropriate treatment
Counsel the patient about the condition, its causes, treatment and answer any questions the patient may have
Possibly refer the patient to another HCP (e.g. nutritionist or occupational therapist)

Role of a Pharmacist
Dispense the prescribed medications
Inform the patient about the medication
Supply the patient with further information about the medication (e.g. CMI) and other possible treatments and beneficial lifestyle adjustments
Answer any questions the patient may have

Role of Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists and Exercise Physiologists
Educate the patient about lifestyle changes that compliment medication
Provide support and guidance for patients in making lifestyle changes

Comparison of the Roles of Various Health Care Professionals
- Patient education
- Amount of contact with patient
- Specific role
- Type of interaction with patient

Interview with a pharmacist
Figure 2: Reduction in Salt intake benefits the management of hypertension (7)
Figure 3: Smoking cessation aidsthe management of hypertension [8]
Figure 4: Losing weight is another strategy to lower one's blood pressure (9)
Figure 5: Drug treatments only implemented for severe risk categories of hypertension (11)
Figure 6: A multifaceted treatment apporach is needed in effectively managing hypertension (12)
Figure 7: Information and logo from the Heart Foundation [13]
Figure 8: NSW Health's logo [14]
Figure 9: the different tiers of healthcare support services provided [15]
Figure 9: Daily strength support group's logo [16]
Figure 10: High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia [17]
Figure 11: Pulmonary Hypertension Association Australia's logo [18]
Figure 12:Pulmonary Hypertension society of Australia and New Zealand's logo [19]
Which one of these are government support services?
A) Heart Foundation

B) Pain Management Plan


What is not a cause of primary hypertension?
A) alcohol consumption

B) overweight

C) physical inactivity

D) sleeping
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