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Copy of Filles du Roi

History Project

Leira .r

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Filles du Roi



Historical an
d Biographical
Filles Du Roi's Contribution
How They are Famous
Interesting Facts
The Filles du Roi are orphans and poor girls that are sent to New France to marry men that are there. These girls are also called the King's Daughters because King Louis the 14 ordered the law for making all orphans and poor girls his daughters. The Filles du Roi were some how a good help to New France. They started to travel to New France since 1663 - 1673. These girls rised the population of New France.
The Filles du Roi has been used since the end of 17th century, both not married and widows sent to Canada, with the help of the government. Between 1663 and 1673, to provide wives for the colony's males, immigrants, and mothers for their children, Mostly from the Paris area.The demographic behaviour of these women in Canada fulfilled the hopes placed in them almost all married in the colony, on average a few months after arrival. They had many children, usually more than women in France. All in all, by arriving so early and producing so well, they made a powerful contribution to the establishment of the colony and its demographic development. In addition, because they spoke the central France of the Paris region, they ensured that French became the universal mother tongue in Canada well before 1760.
On September 22, 1663, 36 girls, the first group of Filles du Roi, had arrived in New France,(Quebec). They assisted the French government by increasing the population and develop the North Ameican colony which had expanded into the principal tounges. the Filles du Roi organizied a recuiting system where the French government can sponser appropriate aged girls who were free to marry. They were to be young, healthy and strong for country work and knowlege of household chores. Eventully the French soldiers exploers , priests and some sailors had the oppurtunity to marry a Filles du Roi and raise a family. This system went on from 1663-1673 where the French government was very happy with the kings dauters system, even though there was a lack of neccessities of life. It even presents dangers from rebellious Indians, harsh winters, and isolation. It took careful planning, time, and salesmenship to convince young women to partake in this risky situation.
- there were about over 1000 Filles du Roi
- they are called the Filles du Roi because the king provide them with everything they needed to travel to new France.
- the population after the filles du roi came, had risen to 6700 people, an increase of 168% .

They mostly got married at the age of 13, if not 16.
The Filles du Roi, or King's Daughter, are orphans which are cared by King Louis XIV. Over 800 young French women immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673. King Louis XIV designed this to boost Canada's population by encouraging male immigrants to come and settle there. They were also occasionally known as the King's Ward, which means those under the guardianship of another.
Filles Du Roi
By: Heather Dale
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