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Meaning and Significance of Eucharist

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Lily McIntosh

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Meaning and Significance of Eucharist

I rung my God Mother who goes to church every Sunday on the phone (as she lives in Wellington) to ask her why she goes to church and what she gets out of it:
A Meal and Bread of Life
The Eucharist is a meal and bread of life because Jesus gave up his life, body and blood so that we could live. By receiving the Eucharist we are receiving life from Jesus and we are letting Jesus live on within us. At the last supper, through transubstantiation Jesus gave the disciples his body and blood and as we have descended from them we continue to have Jesus' body and blood in us. Before Jesus was crucified he gave the disciples life but not only was he giving them life they (and us) give Jesus life by continuing his work and receiving a little part of him each time we take Eucharist, so not only does he live in the Kingdom of His Father but he continues to live on earth.
The Presence of Christ
To me Eucharist as the presence of Christ means that through taking the Eucharist we are letting Christ's spirit and body live on within us. Before we take the Eucharist at mass the Priest blesses the sacramental wine and bread saying; "Father, we ask you to make these gifts holy by the power of the Holy Spirit, that they may become the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.", so when the priest says those words the bread and wine become Jesus' body and blood for us to receive, this is called transubstantiation. By taking the Eucharist we become at one with Jesus.
The three aspects of the Eucharist I have chosen are:
A Meal and Bread of Life
The presence of Christ

I chose these aspects because this is how I view and relate to the Eucharist and what the Eucharist means to me.
Meaning and Significance of Eucharist

If Christ was not present within the Eucharist then we would simply be taking normal bread and wine at mass. The Eucharist traces back to the last supper when Jesus told his disciples that the bread and wine was in fact His body and blood. Jesus being present in the Eucharist is very important because taking his body and blood is one of the main ways to let Jesus live on within us. So without the transubstantiation of the Eucharist taking place we would lose our main way to remember and live through Jesus.
Reason 1:
To keep our bond with Jesus and God strong.
- Lily McIntosh
One way in particular that I view Eucharist is that when we take the Eucharist it is a showing of thanks. By receiving Jesus' body and blood we are saying thank you to Him for giving up his life so that we could live on in peace and harmony. We are also saying thank you to the priest who has blessed the sacramental bread and wine in the process of transubstantiation; because without this process performed by the priest we cannot receive Jesus' body and blood. We are thanking Jesus for the fall, - when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree of good and evil - and the new creation, - when Jesus gave up his life so Adam and Eves relationship with god could be healed - so know we can live at peace with God.
Why is it important to go to mass?
My Interview with my God Mother Christine:
When I take Eucharist at mass I always do the sign of the cross to show my thanks to the priest (or his helpers in giving the Eucharist) and especially to Jesus and God. I do this because it is important to show your thanks to Jesus because he gave up his body and life for us, so I give thanks for receiving his body and blood so that I can live with Jesus in my spirit and body. When I ireturn to my seat and pray to God to give thanks for Him watching over those of my family who are with him in his Kingdom of Heaven. By giving thanks for Jesus' body and blood we return to the foot of the cross where Jesus gave up his life for us.
Receiving the body and blood of Christ is one of the most vital and important parts of celebrating mass. When the Jews were in the desert and they had nothing God sent them a thin flaky bread from Promise Land, they called it Manna and it tasted like milk and honey. They though manna was a taste of what the promise land would be. God had given the jews life by giving them the manna and by giving them the manna God was really giving them Jesus' body; the bread of life. Jesus is our source of life.
"Why do you go to mass?"

Christine: "To worship and respect God in his house. For special saints day and extra masses at Easter etc. To talk to the priest about when I have sinned - reconciliation; about once or twice a year. To celebrate the Eucharist and partake in the receiving of Jesus’ body and blood. Because I have gone ever since I can remember and the priest was very welcoming to the children when I was younger so that made it a more enjoyable experience."
"What do you get out of going to mass?"

"A sense of giving back to everything God has given us. An abiding love to the body of Christ. Giving to the parish community. I feel more peaceful after going to mass. A sense of community as I have friends who go to the same church. "
Reason 2: To give our thanks to Jesus and God for providing us with life.
Reason 3: To continue Jesus and God's work in the world with our community.
When we go to mass we receive the Eucharist and by receiving the Eucharist we are receiving Jesus' body and blood, therefore part of Jesus has been passed on to within us and we hold a strong bond with Jesus and God. When we pray or sing during mass we are connecting with Jesus and God on a spiritual level and every time we connect with Jesus and God our bond grows stronger; as we understand more and more what they mean to us. If we keep our bond with Jesus and God strong then they can guide us through our lives. I believe that God has a plan for all of us and by going to mass and keeping our bond with Him strong we follow that path and can live an enjoyable and happy life.
God our creator provides us with life on this earth and Jesus gave up his life for us so we could live in peace and harmony. When we go to mass we worship God and Jesus through song, prayer and the Eucharist. It is important to go to mass so we can show our thanks to God and Jesus for all they have done and continue to do to allow us to live life to the full. It is also important to show our thanks to God and Jesus so that they know we respect and love them as they respect and love us. As my God Mother said when we go to mass it gives us a sense of giving back to Jesus and God. During the process of reconciliation we thank God for forgiving us, which to me is one of the most important things to show thanks for because if there was no forgiveness in the world then many of us would not be here today.
When we go to mass we are meeting with our church community and the community of God and Jesus. Both God and Jesus performed wonders in our world and by going to mass and listening to God and Jesus' words we can continue their work in the world. Through the church many things can be organized to spread God and Jesus' love, such as donating money and food to charities. Even though God and Jesus await us in the Heaven, by going to mass and connecting with them we can continue their work in the world. It is important to continue God and Jesus' work in the world with our community because through their good will they have created this world for us and without continue their work of love, creation and sacrifice the world as we know it will cease to exist.
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