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Sigma Kappa Ritual Workshop

February 4, 2013

Katherine Getty

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Sigma Kappa Ritual Workshop

February 4, 2013 Sigma Kappa Ritual Workshop Welcome
from Katherine Getty, LC Presentation and Wrap-Up "Secret Thoughts of Ritual"
by Edward King, Sigma Chi What is Ritual?

Who is responsible for Ritual?

What does having Ritual mean to our organization? Debrief Questions Please now break into the groups that were preassigned and review your topic to cover on the next slide! Then once we adjourn send one group member to collect supplies!

If you have questions, please raise your hand. Break into small groups -One by one each group present and share what was learned

-What new things did you learn about Ritual?

Thank you for participating! Group Topics 1. New Member Ceremony
2. Initiation
3. Model Meeting
4. Installation of New Officers
5. Order of the Triangle
6. New Ways to incorporate Ritual into the chapter/daily lives
7. Back to Basics- Founders, Colors, Founding Date (Utilize Promise Book)
8. Vocabulary (Use sheet provided by Katherine)
9. Dress Code for Ritual/Chapter
10. Formal Chapter Meeting
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