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Psyc 334

Assignment 3

. kelekolio

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Psyc 334

Overview for Today Not too LITTLE BUT... not too MUCH Change blindness What is is? Memory Inattentional blindness Change blindness Early experiments and examples What is it? Early experiments and examples Processing images Factors The brain , attention and memory What is change and inattentional blindness? Discovery and
early experiments Example of change blindness Example of inattentional blindness .... Summary Brain Attention Memory In the domain of psychology, William James was the first to mention change blindness Any questions? It has been discussed since
the late 1980s and early 1900s When film editing was introduced in movies, changes werent detected by film watchers. Research developed from investigating eye movement and memory. First reports of change blindness Good memory
Complex images
Details overlooked First to mention Research and development One of the experiments to test change blindness Change blindness - Failure to detect even quite
dramatic changes in a scene, given a brief delay.
** Requires comparison to memory Inattentional blindness - If you are paying attention to something you are more likely to pick it up if the change is what you were focusing on.
** Doesnt require a comparison to memory Visual cortex Focus point Remember Flicker example References Experiment where they stopped a passer by and ask for directions. Person swap occurs and 50% of participants dont notice the change Flicker experiment Th Where they would have a before and after shot - In between these they would insert a blank screen, which made it hard to register the image in the memory. Baddeley, A. (2009). Memory. In M. W. Eysenck, & M. C. Anderson, Memory (pp. 78 - 79). East Sussex, Hove , England: Psychology Press. Brand-e.biz. (2013, January 25). Social media. Retrieved from Brand-e.biz: http://brand- e.biz/memory-for-facebook-posts-stronger-than-for-human-faces-says-research_25468.html O'Regan, J. K. (n.d). Change Blindness. Retrieved from Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science: http://nivea.psycho.univ-paris5.fr/ECS/ECS-CB.html Wikipedia. (n.d). Change Blindness. Retrieved from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Change_blindness (Brand-e.biz, 2013) Difference between Change and inattentional blindness World is alot sparser than we thought Impossible to remember and process everything
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