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Copy of Professional Development: Journal Writing

No description

Candace Williamson

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Professional Development: Journal Writing

Professional Development Timeline:

Journal Writing September: Introduction
What is Journal Writing?
What would be its purpose in the classroom? Teacher's Journal: (Reflective)
Write a journal entry at least once a day for the month of September about anything you'd like relating to your students and/or the classroom. Order:
-grade 4
-grade 5
-grade 6
-grade 3 *Teachers will anonymously submit a journal entry that the coach will share as an introduction for the next meeting October: Application

Grade 4 teachers will implement
journal writing into the everyday schedule. Teachers will be encouraged to continue
using the journal as a reflective tool analyzing
their students' writing progress
throughout the year! November: Creative Use of Journals

*Grade 5 will implement journal writing
into the schedule. December: Instructional Use

*Grade 6 will implement journal writing
into the classroom. Meeting Agenda:
-Creative Prompts
-Fictional Genres
ex: fantasy, folk-tale, science fiction Meeting Agenda:
ex: non-fiction literature *Grade 3 teachers will implement journal writing into the classroom. January: Individualization -Teachers will respond to students' writing in their journal.

-This communication will only be shared with the teacher
and the students within the journal.

-This gives the teacher the opportunity to assess students' writing abilities and develop a trusting relationship with each student! February: Conferencing
-All students are familiar with how the journal works.
-Teachers should now allow students to write in their journal at least twice a day.
(once purposefully and once creatively) 2nd half of the year: A Closer Look

-Conferencing w/ the teacher is personal to the student!
-Always giving POSITIVE feedback first
-Teacher's Role: How can I help each student become a better writer? (strengths and weaknesses) March: Editing and Revisions More specific conferences
Spelling and punctuation are also addressed
Re-writing if necessary Teacher and Student share the pen!!!!!! March Cont'd: Publishing Students will choose 3 pieces of writing from their journal!!! 1.) Non-Fiction
2.) Fiction
3.) Poetry Journal becomes a study tool and reference!

This may include...

-A question they have relating to a content area
-Defining a word
-Spelling of a word April: Study Skills Teacher collaboration is REQUIRED!

-Students are writing back and forth with a peer.
(Relating to their learning or reading)

Format: A letter May: Pen Pals Discussion: Teachers share their
experiences with journal
writing within their classrooms! June: Wrap it all up Liked? Didn't Like? Strengths? Weaknesses?
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