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Joshua McCaffrey

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Birth

Psychology 370
Human Sexuality
Professor Rock
Lesson 3
Chapter 6
September 8th 2013
by Joshua McCaffrey
The Stages of Labor
First-Stage Labor: Regular contractions occur during the first stage of labor, which produces two changes in the cervix.

Third-Stage Labor
The placenta and fetal membranes exit the woman's body in this final stage - any tears, along with the episiotomy are also stitched up in this stage....
AHHH.... I should have used Anesthetics!!!!
- The Beginning of Labor
- The Stages of Labor
- Cesarean Section
-Childbirth Options
The Beginning of Labor
The beginning of labor can be different for many women, and the signs of labor can also vary. I was surprised to see the textbook did not mention induced labor (my wife had an induced labor because my work required me to travel, so we did not want to take the chance of me missing the birth of our daughter).
Ever since the day (September 20th, 2010) I watched the birth of my daughter Stella Aniston McCaffrey; I have had a particular interest in the entire birthing process. This was the topic in the chapter that I was most drawn to. I hope to present a wide variety of information throughout this project while reflecting on my experience with childbirth, which will assist in displaying my understanding of childbirth.
"Bloody Show"
Bursting of the Water Bags
When a woman is heard saying that her water has broke, this is when the bags of water have ruptured. One of my wife's bags of water did not burst, so the nurse had to manually perform this action. I actually watched closely as this procedure was performed. My jaw dropped to say the least.
Some women will experience a bloody discharge of mucus from the vagina. This bloody mucus comes from a plug that blocks germs from the vagina to the uterus during pregnancy.
Effacement = Thinning out

Dilation = opening up
The Stages of Labor
CROWNING : The baby's head will become visible in this stage.....

Episiotomy: Once the baby's head is visible, the doctor may perform an incision on the skin right behind the vagina, which opens the vagina up more to make room for the baby.... (no words can explain how this made me feel after watching this)

The baby will exit the mother's body during this stage!!!!!!!!
The cervix should dilate to 4 inches within the first stage.

Contractions should be 15-20 minutes apart and can last up to 12 hours....
Second-Stage Labor: "begins when the cervix is fully dilated and the baby's head(or whichever part comes first, depending on the baby's position) begins to move into the vagina, or birth canal" ( Hyde & DeLamater, p.125).
The baby is born!!!!!!!
This is the moment we have all been waiting for!
Cesarean Section
" In a cesarean section, an incision is made first through the abdomen and then through the wall of the uterus" (Hyde & DeLamater, p. 127).
If the woman is not able to give birth from the vagina, or if she does not want to endure normal birth, the C-Section is performed. My four siblings and I were all delivered via C-Section... My mother was not capable of delivering through normal childbirth...
Cesarean Section
The use of anesthetics alleviates the pain for the woman. An epidural is a very common anesthetic.

Childbirth Options:
Prepared childbirth
Lamaze Method
One of the best moments of my life came immediately after the birth of my daughter. I fell in love the moment I saw her face. Words cannot describe the feeling I had that morning.
I really enjoyed learning more about childbirth this week, and I enjoyed this project.
Hyde, J. S., & Delamater, J. D. (2011). Understanding Human Sexuality (11th ed., p. 6). New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill.
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