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John Black Caesar (the great and first bushranger)

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nathan zeng

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of John Black Caesar (the great and first bushranger)

By Nathan Zeng Early Life (family/childhood by John Black Caesar The Hunt is on Capture and Death John's Legacy John Black Caesar John Black Caesar (c.1763-1796), convict and bushranger of unknown African parentage, may have been born on Madagascar. He was a servant living in the parish of St Paul, Deptford, England, in 1786. John married a women named Ann, a convict who had arrived in the 'Lady Juliana' in 1790. Ann was born on 4 March 1792. Together John and Ann had a baby daughter who they named 'Mary Ann Fisher Power'. Nevertheless, on 29 April 1789 he was once more tried for theft at the Criminal Court and sentenced to a second term of transportation, this time for life. Fourteen days later he stole arms and escaped into the bush, only to be apprehended on 6 June and sent to work in chains at Garden Island. circumstances that led to bushranging activities Caesar started off as a poor and moneyless man who's desire was to live a normal happy life with an ordinary family and have money. Unfortunately for John it wasn't easy finding money in his area when he finally found a job as a servant. Even when he had the job they only paid him 23 shillings per month which was not quite enough for him. The fact that he only had little money convinced him to steal which was the reason why he turned into a bushranger. Crimes Committed John Black Caesar's first crime was on 13 March that year at Maidstone, Kent, charged with the theft of some £12 from a dwelling house, he was sentenced to transportation for seven years and sent to the hulk Ceres. He embarked on 6 January 1787 in the Alexander, which reached Botany Bay with the First Fleet on 19 January next year. Popularly known as 'Black Caesar', he became known in the colony as a hard worker and a conscientious labourer. After John's escape escape from his sentence he was later found and captured once more after Governor Hunter issuing a reward of 4 gallons of rum. John Black Caesar was with a party at Botany Bay when a army of Aboriginal warriors attacked the party. The leader of the aboriginal warriors was 'Pemulwuy' who Caesar was able to wound. The convict escaped from custody for the last time in December 1795 and led a gang of convicts in the Port Jackson area-becoming Australia'a first bushranger. Nearly every crime after that was done by John Black Caesar and his gang. Governor Hunter once again established a reward but this time it was 5 gallons of rum. Eventually a man named John Wimbow was able to shoot Caesar dead with out uttering a word. John Black Caesar was remembered to have been a father and the first Australian bushrager which started a new era in Australia 'The Bushrangers of Australia'. The bushrangers that came after will always remember the first bushrangers legacy. After John's death was broardcast for everyone to hear his daughter was in shock that her dad was killed. John was also remembered for being able to wound the Aboriginal warrior leader 'Pemulwuy'. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND lISTENING TO NATHAN ZENG'S PRESENTATION BIBLIOGRAPHY http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/caesar-john-black-12829



http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/bushrangers/images/7910432/title/newspaper-reports-photo Lifestyle and Associates John Black Caesar's gang was unknown so their names were unknown. John had lived a happy and tragic life at the same time which includes stealing money to become rich and have people want to hunt him down vigorously.
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