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Senior Design

Presentation for our Senior Design project.

John Harris

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Senior Design

Scheduling Output! Questions? Final Thoughts and Impact One or more tasks per project

One skill per task

Employees assigned proficiency for each skill: Graphical Front-End Project Background Project Assumptions The Big Picture John Harris and Michael Moore Historically known as an accounting firm
Building their Business Intelligence (BI) consulting practice
Has staffing issue and could benefit from better resource allocation Project Objectives: Assign the right personnel to the right job
Identify the necessary skills and personnel for training
Determine effectiveness of the model Determines resource availability
Takes skill sets into account
Satisfies the skill requirements for the schedule Develop linear programming model that: 0 = no skill, can’t complete task without training
1 = Low proficiency: 33% of level 3
2 = Medium proficiency: 67% of level 3
3 = High proficiency: 100% efficiency Skill efficiency per period ≥ 100%

Employees assigned task, training, or unbillable time

External contractors hired to fill voids

All outside resources are same (cost and skill) Complex Back-End Useable by Non-Technical People
Save/Load Functionality
Creates Complex Models
Light-weight and Easy to Deploy Runs an AMPL Model
CPLEX Solver
Nuts and Bolts
Over 2 million nodes Objective Function: Minimizes the number of employee assignments.

X: Assignment of an employee to a task
Y: Assignment of a contractor
Z: Assignment of an employee after training Constraints:
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