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Section 2 - SAGE FY15 Grant

No description

Rachael Root

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Section 2 - SAGE FY15 Grant

1. The Cooperative Marketing Program


3. Declaration of Intent

4. CMP Application

Applications must be submitted through SAGE. No paper applications will be accepted
Deadline for the Declaration of Intent in SAGE by April 16, 2014
Deadline for applications to be submitted is 4:00 p.m. May 15, 2014
Awards are contingent upon available funds in the FY15 budget.
It is YOUR responsibility to be sure your application has been submitted on time.
It is YOUR responsibility to be sure your application is complete and accurate.
If you wait until the last minute to submit and your application won’t go through, you may be ineligible to apply.
No additional information may be added to the application after the deadline unless expressly requested by Division after review of the application.
Major Components
Marketing plan
Tracking and ROI
The Division will fund the applications with the highest scores based on funding availability.
The review process to notification for award will take approximately 12 weeks from the application deadline.
Cooperative Marketing Grant requests range from $2,000.00 to $25,000.

Additional Profile Information
Section 3
Declaration of Intent

3 Levels of Authorized Users
Evaluation & Scoring
FY15 Cooperative Marketing Program Grant SAGE
System for Administering Grants Electronically


• Brochure Creation and Distribution ($2000-$5,000)

• Marketing an event (Sponsorship up to $15,000) This category is for marketing a single event, regardless of whether it lasts for a day or a week. If you are marketing a single event, you may only apply for up to $15,000

• General Marketing Plan (up to $25,000) A general marketing campaign, may include an event, however, must be marketing a season and/or a destination and include a multi-faceted marketing plan.

Review of 25% Match
25% match from partners or sponsors that are Non-State funding sources.
Private donors cannot be used toward your required match.
State funds awarded for the Cooperative Marketing Grant plus the non-state match must be spent on your marketing program.
The match cannot be in-kind, cash on hand or bartered services.
You must be able to show proof of commitment of match when making the application and proof that you have the match in hand at the time of signing the grant contract.
Eligible Expenses
Advertising and production cost, cost of ads and placement of ads for television, radio, print, billboards, social media and internet.
The cost for hiring a marketing or public relations firm.
Production & distribution of brochures, rack cards or direct mail.
New marketing initiatives for the creation of a new website or improvement to an existing website.
Hospitality management training and visitor service initiatives that strengthen tourism product delivery.
Trade shows (excluding travel, accommodations and per diem)
Award of Grant
Initial payment of 50% of your grant award after you sign your contract.
Second payment of 25% upon receipt and approval of your interim report.
Final 25% upon submission, review and approval of your final report
Unapproved Expenses
Wages, benefits.
Hospitality expenses, entertainment, lodging, transportation.
Capital improvements, restoration/rehabilitation of sites, durable equipment
When in doubt…. ASK!

Requirements of Grant Award
Notify the Division and be approved for any changes you make to your budget or marketing plan
Logo and mandatory statement on website and all collateral material created with grant and required match
Logo and mandatory statement must be approved by our office before going to print
Comply with Benefits offered to the State in your proposal
Reports & Deadlines
Interim report due around March 31
Final report due 45 days after your grant period end date which must be completed on SAGE.
Marketing an event; the 45 days begins at the last day of your event.
Final report must include:
Actual financial account of the amount of the grant
Required match
A summary of the project describing:
detail the marketing effort
measurable success including:
website data
overnight stays generated
input from your partners.
Include copies of your collateral material showing the logo and mandatory statement
Proof that the benefits or promotional opportunities you offered to the State in your proposal have been fulfilled.
Helpful Links
New User Sign-Up

**It may take a day or two to be validated in the system. DO NOT wait until the last minute to register. Please only create ONE account per user.

Details about the DOI
If the organization covers more than one Legislative or Congressional District or counties put the largest covered in the Additional Profile Information and list the others in the DOI
The Authorizing Official should be the person who has the authority on behalf the organization to sign the grant contract.
Certain sections indicate whether the information is required for the DMO Applicants or Cooperative Marketing Applicants. You are only required to fill out the information for the Cooperative Marketing Applicants
The Grant Period End Date should be the date you expect to complete your project. If you are applying to market an event, the end date will be the last day of the event. The grant period end date cannot be later then Dec. 31, 2015 (for FY15 applications)
If you are a consultant filling out the application for a client, you must indicate that in the contact information at the end of the DOI. In addition, please provide an organization contact in Application Specific Contact Information.
Remember to SAVE your work frequently.
On the DOI Menu page (you will see forms on the right) under Management Activities on the left, under Manual, you will find DOI Instructions.
When in doubt about a question, contact the Division of Travel and Tourism.
General Information
Status must say Submitted
Section 4
CMP Application

Current Status
Manuals and Instructions for Applications
I Agree button
Profile Information Form
Missing information not pulled in from your DOI - remember to SAVE
Review or Update Contact Information
Fill in from DOI submission
Only complete if requesting to support a specific event
Use this section to navigate through additional forms to complete - The next step is the Project Narrative.
Project Narrative
Description not to exceed 20000 characters
Helpful Tips
Application Menu
Marketing Plan
Attach documents you would like the reviewers to see or that relate to the paln.
Helpful Tips
Review of Marketing Plan
Partners & Sponsors
Additional Partners
Pull down menu
Promotional Opportunities to the State
Miscellaneous Attachments
*please notate size limitations
Returning to the Application Menu
Marketing Amount Requested
other funds above the grant/match
Match Information
Source of Funds
Marketing Expenses
Other Expenses
Total Expenses
Submitting Your Application
Status shows Application
Colleen Karr

Grant Administrator
NJ Department of State
Division of Travel and Tourism


Contact Information
Section 1
Cooperative Marketing Program

Breakdown of Grants
Please read your contract for all requirements
Access Sage at:

You can find SAGE at http://www.sage.nj.gov

or go to http://visitnj.org/grant-opportunities

Section 2
SAGE (System for Administering Grants Electronically)

**Consultants should not be an Authorized Official for the Organization and should not be the applicant.
Agency Administrator (AA)
- Similar access as an Authorized Official. But cannot supersede the Authorized Official.
Agency Staff (AS)
- Can only update applications. They have no ability to create or submit the application, nor can they create or submit other documents including contract information or reports.
Authorized Official (AO)
- a person in the organization who is authorized to sign the contracts and authorize the application, sign Payment Vouchers and authorize reports.
County or Municipality
View Edit My Information
Name under my organizations
Charities #
Division of
Revenue #
Red Error Message
2015 Grant Application - Create New
Forms section to complete
Add partners
Delete partners
Updating Status
Navigate through Forms
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