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Conferring, Conflict Types, Character Types

No description

Maria Elizabeth

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Conferring, Conflict Types, Character Types

Tuesday Thrills!
ML: Conferring & Talking about our books!
Wednesday Wonders!
ML: Student Conferences!
Thursday Thrills
ML: Conflict
Friday Fun
Protagonist Posters!
Topic 5
If A Tree Falls @ Lunch Period
-Independent learning
MUST be taking place outside conference.
-NO outside interruptions except emergencies
-Come prepared:

-Bring your BOOK!
-Bring resources (text coding sheet, plot diagram, post it noting)
-be able to tell me what you are doing to be a successful reader TODAY.
* Use our academic vocabulary
WHY do we talk about our books?
What are you doing as a reader today?
-building stamina
-tracking plot
-text marking
-post it noting (main idea)
-looking for symbols
-looking for theme
-identifying conflict
-learning about characters
I will always be here to help.... but you NEED to show me evidence of your perseverance and
video: a reading conference, teaching inter
textuality to a student
Brainstorm on whiteboards:
If a Tree Falls @ Lunch Period
Reader Response Work Time
1. Character vs. Character
2. Character vs. Self
3. Character vs. Society
4. Character vs. Nature
5. Character vs. Destiny / Fate
Types of Conflict
Homework Day
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