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Let's go to Chutung

No description

佳真 李

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Let's go to Chutung

Let's go to Chutung
Unique Culture
Teacher Stephen Hoover

Chutung is an urban township in central Hsinchu County, Taiwan.
Chutung is approximately 20 minutes drive from Hsinchu town centre on one of two freeways, route 3 North, which passes nearby and route 68 East which proceeds directly through Chutung.
Area :  53.51 km²

population:96,577 people(2013,June)

In the past, Chutung was famous for manufacture camphor.


Although rice can be planted everywhere.
Farmers use pure and clean water to plant the rice.


Crown Museum
Provide artists at home and abroad of normal exhibition on the second floor

The art collection on the third floor
Behind the Cafe toilets are decorated with a literary flavor

10 elementary schools
4 junior high schools
2 senior high schools
Tongtex Secondary High School
National Chutung Senior High School

Tourist sites
Thanks for your listening
Resources from:
10/30 we visit Chutung
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhudong,_Hsinchu

PS: Thank you Allen
for being our photographer

History of Chutung Township
In 1946, Chutung and Baushan became a part of Hsinchu City.

Industrial Technology Research Institute as established at Chutung Township in 1973.

Traditional industries were more and more desolate than before. Chutung was facing a transition pressures.

101 year Jhudong Hakka dumpling festival - Creative dumpling making contest
Before 1850
The old name of Chutung was called “Shu Chi Lin”

Guang-Shuie years in Ching Dynasty, Chutung changed into belong to Hsinchu Country.

101 years Hakka opera Park Holiday Arts Square - "Happy Jhudong our guest," a series of activities

2013 Hsinchu Chutung Lantern
Chutung Central Market
There are a lot of food, vegetables, fruit and preserved food on Chutung Central Market
Chutung Central Market
Chutung Post Office
In charge of Payroll deposit service, Time Deposit Services, School Passbook Savings, etc.

Chutung-Chiu Deep fry pork rib noodle soup
Chutung Township Office
In charge of general civil affairs, mediation, historic sites preservation and archives, etc.
Deep fry pork rib noodle soup

Taiwanese Meatballs

Fei Shan Mountain
popular mountaineering hiking spots.

Fei Shan 462-meter-high
Xiao Rusong House
Garden buildings is Japanese-style.

Each building has its own name,
Green World-Ecological Farm
Swann Lake
Discovery Land Area
Water Plants
Bird Ecological Park
Butterfly Ecological Park
Biodiversity Adventure Area
Fantastic World

Discovery Land Area
Water slide

Recreational Vehicle

Car Museum

Bird Ecological Park

Butterfly Ecological Park

Chutung Timber Industry
Timber industry had once been one of the most important property in Chutung Township and it was meaningful.

Chutung night market
Chutung libarary
Chutung Timber Industry
Glass factory
Sine 1954 establish "Glass factory". Set glass factory in J. It's process factory to handle limestone and silica sand.

Chutung train station
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