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Apple Inc. Organizational Chart

No description

Arief Rahmawan

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Apple Inc. Organizational Chart

Design Challenge
Vertical Differentiation
Main Area of Apple Inc
Industrial Design
Hardware Engineering
Software Engineering
History of Apple
There are some difference between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook :
* radical way of leadership management
* delighting of customer
* dynamic linking
* values of transparency, continous improvement, sustainability
* horizontal communication
* awareness of stock market
What makes Apple the biggest computer corporation
strong corporate culture
Value of information richness
has special external policy
company's orientation is informal
customer relationship approach
work motivation management
innovation of product continously evolved
intellectual property
Apple Inc. Organizational Chart
Core Business of Apple Inc.
Apple Organizational Structure
Firstly presented Apple II at West Coast Computer Faire
Japan became first authorized dealer by Toshio Mizushima
1989 - 2000 era
era 2000's
Apple Inc. Briefly History
First met of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack, introduced by Bill Fernandez
Apple I was created and first customer was The Byte Shop
200 units of Apple I were built
1971 - 1976 era
logo of first apple inspired by Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under the apple tree, created by Ronald Wayne
logo of second apple created by Rob Janoff. Rainbow colors means to humaized the company. Bite means it would not be confused with a cherry
1980 - 1988 era
Apple III was designed conservatively to take on business environment
On earlier 1980, Apple was planning to go public and on August Apple launched first IPO to stock market
Apple enters Fortune 500 at #411 after only 5 years of existence
Apple, IBM and motorola create alliance named AIM alliance to create a new computing platform based on powerPC architecture
Apple has acquire small companies for existence of company projects
Apple was licensing the Mac OS and Macintosh ROM
Main Market Segments
International Sales
on 1983 Apple Lisa was introduced with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
on 1984 Macintosh and Lisa 2 introduced
Jobs leaves Apple on 1985 and he create NeXT
John Sculley lead Apple after Jobs leaving, and on 1987 Apple issued first stock dividend
This era was the beginning of Macintosh era
Apple introduced Apple store
Apple purchased NeXT company and Steve Jobs was return
Apple had partnership with Microsoft for releasing Microsoft Office for Macintosh
Invention of iPod, iMac, iPhone and iPad
Opening apple retail store located throughout the major US computer buying market
iTunes store was launching on 2003
on 2010 AAPL(symbol of apple inc stock) listed in NASDAQ stock market, surpassed microsoft's stock market
Steve Jobs resign from CEO and Oct 2010 he passed away
easy going
atmosphere of corporation is more relax
cares about Apple's supply chain in China
Apple two CEO's characteristics
Cook is willing to release less-than-perfect product
perfectionist in product innovation
Extraordinary Boss
Protect market share
always loathed investors and the stock market
always focus on develpoment of apple products
Product Guy
Operations and system genius CEO
Steve Jobs
Timothy Cook
nowadays AAPL can be the market leader for tablet and smartphone, surpassed Microsoft and CEO Tim Cook confident this trend will be continue grow up
$14/shares was the first Apple IPO
apple briefly company profile
apple history
apple org structure
design challenge (decent and cent, own analysis)
org culture
Arief Rahmawan M10158036
Previsiously named Apple Computer Inc. is an American multinational corporation, established in 1977 which core business in consumer electronic products, electronic media, mobile communication
listed in NASDAQ stock exchange
The second largest information technology company after Samsung electronics
The third largest mobile phone maker after Samsung and Nokia
most admired company in the world during 2008-2012
Company Profile
Beginning of year 1977
Man is the creator of change in this world. As such he should be above systems and structures, and not subordinate to them
"The company is committed to bringing the best personal computing, portable digital music and mobile communication experience to students, educators, creative professionals, businesses, government agencies, and consumers through its innovative hardware, software, peripherals, serivces and internet offerings"
Vision & Mission
Paul Terrell, a credit manager was the first customer
era 1983
Steve Jobs
era 1984
Mike Markkula
John Sculley
era 1985
John Sculley
was the first investor in Apple
Michael Scott was the First CEO during 1977-1981
Organizational Stucture Generations
era 1988
Mike Markkula replaced Mike Scotty as CEO during 1981 - 1983
John Sculley replacing Mike Markkula on 1983. he became the CEO for 10 years (1983 - 1993)
Sculley made a lot of change during his leadership
In this year he reduced three department into one department which is product operations
John Sculley created Chief Operating Officer (COO) :
* in charge about centralized Apple's operations
* involve Apple's senior management in daily decisions
Apple was expand their market segment into worldwide
in 1993 John Sculley was forced out his leaderships by Apple's board member
Steve Wozniak
Apple's CEO Tenure
Gilbert Frank Amelio
Steve Jobs
"The Diesel" because he was hardworker
brilliant strategist
radical reorganization, cut off over 2500 jobs
organization gruped by market rather than by product development
MIchael Splinder
attempt to enter the high-end server market
released highly confusing Mac OS updates
introduced the first dual processor Mac
bought NeXT and welcomed back Steve Jobs
After Frank Amelio pushed out, Steve took over Apple as an adviser
Unveils many remarkable products such as iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad
on 2005 announces that Apple is going to switch away from Motorola's and IBM's PowerPC architectures, and use Intel processors in its future Macs instead
1997 - 2004 was rebuilding Apple era
2004-2011 was BIG apple era
Timothy Cook
Successor of Steve Jobs
Since Cook lead, AAPL stock has grown
Incredible dividends
Supply Chain expert
Steve's era : CEO Apple as a task force, he is the only one in charge to make decision. Every lower division has to report to CEO

Cook's era : more decentralization, not only focus on design, but also for stock market
Role Orientation
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