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Sewing Technology portfolio

No description

MacKenzie The Ninja

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Sewing Technology portfolio

Research Task
Research task attatched in seperate
document (in email).
Sewing Technology portfolio
Analysing the Need Questions
Criteria for Success
•I am able to wear pants (i.e. the seams are strong, there are no holes, etc
Criteria for Success
•Seams are invisible when possible
Design Situation
MacKenzie McCowan
Written By
Design Brief
I will design and create a pair of pyjama pants and a t-shirt tailor made and sized for me. I must design three options, and have peer feedback for each to help me choose my final design. Each design must include original, asthetically pleasing, functional and significant to myself. Each design must include a PMI and have peer feedback. The annotations must follow the diagram set out on Schoology.
I will design 3 unique and original pairs of pyjamas. I will then choose my favourite design using peer/teacher feedback and considering the PMIs. I will then make it using fabric I have bought already. I will make the pyjama pants myself, and then asthetically alter a white store-bought t-shirt to match the pants/shorts made. The pyjamas must be original, of my own creation, and asthetically pleasing. To match my own criteria, I will use colours that I like such as blue and purple. I will also measure myself so that the pyjama pants and tailor-made and fit me.
Time and
Management Plan
• How much do I know about this already?
I know a bit about sewing. I have previously made bags, pillows, stuffed animals and dolls. I have done both embrodiory and hand sewing, but very little sewing with a machine. I haven't used an overlocker nor have I had to unpick anything.
•What tools and materials will I need?
-Sewing Machine
-Measuring devices (i.e. measuring tape)

•What research and experimentation will I need to do?
I will need to research existing pyjama makers and find what makes their pyjamas functional and asthetically pleasing. I will also need to research easy materials to sew and materialistic patterns I like and would wear.
•What new skills will I need to learn?
I will need to learn about over locking and also sewing/taking in waistlines and seams. Otherwise I am confident in sewing.
•How will I successfully manage my time?
I will follow my Time and Management Plan and make sure that I am completing at least one task a week. If I do this I will hopefuly be able to complete my portfolio and pyjamas with time to spare on my shirt, and maybe an extra project with any left over material.
•The pants are correctly sized for me
•The pants are washable and colours will not run
•Pyjamas must be safe,
i.e. stitches staying in,
no threat of ink poisoning, etc
•Ribbon on elastic waist matches fabric used
•Pants fit correctly, are not too tight or baggy
•Tee-shirt design is similar to and matches the design on pants
My pyjama pants met my criteria for success, and follows both my design brief and design situation.
Problems occurred when it came to sewing. The first attempt, I sewedthe wrong seam of the pant, and subsequently had to unpick and sew again.
The unpicking stage was difficult, and uncalled for. Because I had to unpick a whole pant leg, I was left behind the pace of my other classmates. I then had to work very hard and do alot of unpicking at home to complete my pyjama pants. I also had to design my shirt and begin it at home, as well as attending the lunch time sessions with Ms Andrews when I was able to attend them. I had a busy lunchtime/morning schedule due to sport and Tournament of the Minds, and subsequently I was unable to attend most of these sessions and had to rely on class time.
Because I did alot of unpicking and some sewing at home (due to original pant legs being sewn/overlocked incorrectly) I followed different steps to my classmates. While I ended up with the same results this led to me having to work independantly, as I did my steps in different orders and I was at different stages to them most of the time.
Mini Research
{see attached keynote}
Final Choice + Jusitification
I chose design #2. I chose this design because the Ed Sheeran lyrics were of personal significance to me, and I also believe it will be the easiest to make. Design #3 is my favourite, because it uses my favourite image and will require less work and effort.
steps followed:
Final Product:
Using template to cut fabric
for front of pants
(same as image 1)
practice with overlocking and
sewing machines, created pillow
out of scrap material.
Finished pyjama set.
Attatching the ribbon to the inside seam of
pant legs
Before sewing the top seam and pant
button holes
attatching elastic to ribbon
before sewing hem
Sewing hem. Making sure not to
sew elastic/ribbon to the hem
Completed pants (before iron-on transfer)
ironing transfer onto shirt
removing transfer backing from shirt
transfer on shirt (before ironing out lines)
completed iron-on transfer (before pocket)
attatching pocket to shirt
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