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Community and Public Health Nursing

No description

Tami Bland

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Community and Public Health Nursing

Where We Were and Where We Are
Community and Public Health Nursing
Community/Public Health Nursing Focus of Practice
Quad Council
Tami Bland, DNP, CPNP
"one of God's best and greatest sons"
Florence Nightingale, 8 Mar 1902, on card sent with funeral wreath
Willam Rathbone VI
Started district nursing to ease suffering of those in poverty in Liverpool, England.
Program was such a success that Rathbone wanted to expand.
He recruited his friend, Florence Nightingale, to establish a school for training district nurses.
By late 1870's trained visiting nurses had begun in the US ("visiting" replaced the term "district")
Henry Street Settlement
Lillian Wald--first coined the term
public health nurse
1912 - founding of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing
one of the missions was to ensure proper education and standards for visiting nurses
Frontier Nursing Service
Mary Breckinridge
Early 1900's
Visiting Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Community Nurse
Community/Public Health Nurse
Expansion of public health departments and expansion of pubic health nursing
Post-depression era, nursing care of poor contracted with private business
Health officers at PHD, worried about funding, declared PHN only prevent illness, visiting nurse treat illness
Community nursing expands within the non-public health sector
Understanding of the roles of community and public health nursing clarified
Population Focus
clients living in community
Specialization in community nursing
Specialization in PHN
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
health care systems
public health concepts
population based care
PHN regulations
Association of Community Health Nurse Educators (ACHNE)
Associate of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing (ASTDN)
American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section (APHA)
American Nurses Association's Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics (ANA)
Addresses priorities for PHN education, practice, leadership, and research and is the voice for PHN.
Core Competencies for Public Health Nursing
establish a minimum level of skills for practice
organized by level of practice
generalist (Tier 1)
specialist/mid-level (Tier 2)
executive/multi-systems (Tier 3)
Eight Domains for each level
Analytic and Assessment skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
Communication Skills
Cultural Competencies Skills
Community Dimensions of Practice
Public Health Science Skills
Financial Planning and Management Skills
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills
Public Health Intervention Wheel
ANA Scope and Standards - Define the "who", "what", "where", "when", "why", and "how" of nursing
PHN Scope and Standards of
Practice - 2013 (2nd ed.)
focused on population-based nursing rather than the setting of the practice
Recognizes the role of the advanced public health nurse
IOM Report: The Future of Public Health in 21st Century
Defined the 3 core functions of public health and 10 essential public health services to meet the 3 core functions. This model has been adapted by the ANA and is used in its public health nursing model.
"Public health department accreditation is defined as the development of a set of standards, a process to measure health department performance against those standards, and reward or recognition for those health departments who meet the standards."
(Public Health Accreditation Board, 2013)
documents the capacity of the public health department to deliver the three core functions of public health and the Ten Essential Public Health Services
TN State Department of Health
Commissioner: John Dreyzehner, MD, MPH
Animal Welfare
Chemical Terrorism
Child Nutrition and Wellness
Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness
Community Services
Division of Minority Health and Health Disparities Elimination
Emerging Infections Program
Emergency Medical Services
Filing Complaints
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Epidemiology
Faith-Based Health Initiative
Family Health and Wellness
Farmers Market Nutritional Program
General Environmental Health
Genetics Advisory Committee
Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health
Health Care Facilities
Facility Inspection Survey Findings
Filing Complaints
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Health Professional Boards
Filing Complaints
Health Statistics
Healthty Homes
89 county HD
U. S. Constitution gives the state the primary responsibility for health and welfare of residents.
States have the primary duty of public health functions (vary by state)
About 47% of funding state and local
Only 24% is for population-based services, the rest is on individual care or improving access to care
The Public's Health and PHN
Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
Laboratory Services
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Local Health Departments
Maternal and Child Health
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Meaningful Use
Nutrition Services
Oral Health Services
Project Diabetes
Rural Health Services
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
State Medical Examiner
Tennessee Cancer Registry
Tennessee Comprehensive Cancer
Tennessee Disaster Support Network (TDSN)
Tuberculosis Elimination Program
Tennessee Improving Patient Safety
Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee
Vector-Borne/Zoonotic Diseases
Vital Records
Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
Public Health
environment of safety and asepsis for promoting health of clients
promoting health for individuals when they are not well
promoting health for individuals and family support during developmental stages
promoting wellness and integration during illness, disability, and dying
treating clients equitably
helping the client with a commitment to well-being and wholeness
environment of health promotion
promoting family and population health
ensuring equitable and fair distribution of health care to all
physical and mental illness prevention for all - individuals, families, and populations
provision of greatest good for greatest number
education of populations to move toward responsible health
Nursing, Community Nursing, and Public Health
American Nurses Association (2007) Public health nursing: scope and standards of practice. silver Spring, MD:Nursesbooks.org
Henry Street Settlement (2013) About us. Retrieved from http://www.henrystreet.org/
Maurer, F. A., Smith, C. M. (2013) Community/Public health nursing practice, St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2013) HealthyPeople.gov, Retrieved from http://www.healthypeople.gov
"The health of the unity is the health of the community."
"the last quarter of the century was well advanced when America caught the reflection of England's light, and the era of trained nursing for the poor began in this country"
C.E. Somerville
Lawrence General Hospital (MA)
18 locations
NYC Housing Authority Partner
Primary & behavioral health
Senior services
youth programs
College prep program
After schools program
Arts center & Playhouse
Hurrican Sandy recovery
Educational Requirements
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