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Earth's Interconnected Spheres

No description

Samantha Rathbun

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of Earth's Interconnected Spheres

Ex. Volcanic activity can transfer water from the lithosphere to the atmosphere. Then that water is transferred into the biosphere as rain water and absorbed by plants.
Bell work
1. Name (1) of the spheres we talked about yesterday.
The Earth is composed of four different spheres
1. Geosphere
2. Hydrosphere
3. Biosphere
4. Atmosphere
Contains all the water on the planet including oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers, ground water, etc.
Water can be liquid, solid (frozen), or gas (water vapor in the atmosphere).
Gaseous layer of air that encloses Earth
78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, water vapor, argon, carbon
5 layers
Lowest layer= Troposphere. This is the layer in which we live
Represents all living things on Earth
contains all plants, animals, bacteria etc, alive on our planet
this sphere distinguishes our planet from all others known to us
Earth's Interconnected Spheres
2. Give the definition of that sphere and provide at least one example.
Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere
The biosphere contains all the living organisms on this planet
Fold your paper in half, then in half again.
Label each box one of the spheres.
The solid rock of the Earth's crust, the hot semi-solid rock beneath the crust, the hot liquid rock near the center of the planet, and the solid iron core of the planet.
All of Earth's spheres are interconnected. No sphere acts alone without influencing another sphere.
draw water
nutrients from the soil
and release
water vapor into the atmosphere. Humans
use farm machinery
(manufactured from
lithosphere materials)
to plow the fields, and the
atmosphere brings precipitation
water the plants. Energy from the sun is stored by
. When humans or animals
eat the plants, they acquire the energy
originally captured by the plants. Humans expend
some of this energy arranging bricks
and wood
into buildings.
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