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Copy of Our World 4.0

presentation about genetically modified foods for capprensi spring 2011

Nick Penick

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Our World 4.0

Our World 4.0 Genetically Modified Foods Three Drivers of Change Three major events or products that have severe impact on the future 1st Driver of Change No Drug Testing Allowed Scientists cannot test genetically modified (GM) seeds sold commercially 2nd Driver of Change Foods genetically modified to be used as pharmaceuticals The dangers of genetic modification are now apparent in medicines 3rd Driver of Change Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Foods changed from their natural state by transplanting genes between organisms Weeds become resistant to herbicides, promoting increased use of pesticides and more chemical residues in our food Nick Penick Shannon Rouhana Drivers of Change Crossover When the three drivers of change are crossed over, the result is More chemicals in our foods without scientists knowing about their health risks This is because herbicide resistance would transfer from the weeds into the crops, allowing farmers to add more harmful herbicides to the products. Futures Wheel We used a futures wheel created on bubbl.us to strech out the implications of the future according to these drivers. Futures Wheel Outcome The outcome on the futures wheel uses the assumption that farmers do increase the amount of pesticides on generally sold crops. The mass of pesticides on crops could stir up allergic reactions among consumers and possibly damage a major body system. 1st Implication The futures wheel first implies that diseases will mutuate when in contact with the mass amount of herbicides on medicines/foods 2nd Implication The 2nd implication on the futures wheel states that people will spend more money on the possibly harmful pharmaceutcals. This is because the farmers must raise prices to accomodate for their loss in buying more pesticides. 3rd Implication The third implication is one of the drivers of change: no drug testing is allowed. This means that people do not know what health risks these GM products pose to them. End User Agreements Black Swan Impact/Probabilty Matrix a graph to show the relationship between a impact variable and a prabable variable to show the 5 steep categories Impact Variable is a variable that is classified by an effect on a futuristic event Probability Variable a variable that is classified by the most likey event to happen No End User Agreement GeneTransfer No Gene Transfer
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