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Digital Storybook.

No description

taylor booth

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Digital Storybook.

Digital Storybook
By: Taylor Booth In samantha's school everyday she goes home for an hour lunch then goes back to school at 1.When she normally goes home she is alone but to her suprise her mom's car is in the driveway. She thinks something is wrong so she rushes inside. To her suprise nothing was acually wrong. Her mom told her that she only came home because the delivery guy was on his way to bring us new kitchen appliances. Samantha was so excited to see what her mom had bought. Her mom told her that they should be here soon. Just as she was about to go sit down to watch television, the deliver man drove up the driveway. After about 10 minutes the new kitchen appliances were all set up for samantha to use and her mom to use. Should Samantha see what's in the new refrigerator for something cold or use the new stove to cook something hot? Cold Hot After the food is cooked to perfection, she sits down at the table to eat. Once she is done eating there is a new computer operated clean mate. It cleans everything to make the kitchen spotless again. "Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator Cools Food with Future Gel." Ecogreenfyi. ecogreenfyi, 15 June 2010. Web. 31 Mar 2011. "MamiRobot." IT Times. Korea IT Times, 25 Jan 2011. Web. 31 Mar 2011. Work Cited After she finished her food, she sits down to the table to eat. once she is done eating there is a new computer operated clean mate. It cleans everything to make the kitchen spotless again. Kantharia, Raunek. "A Modern Type Sensitivity Stovetop." Gadget Her. Magnetis Network, 13 Sept 2010. Web. 31 Mar 2011. Samantha decides instead of making hot food, she wants to get some food out of the refrigerator. Her favorite food is fruit salad so she thought, why not make fruit salad for lunch. Its healthy and yummy. Samantha decides that instead of making something cold she will cook something. She loves Baked chicken so much she decides to try and use her new stove. She went in the new fridge but there was no fruit made. so she has to make it herself. Her new stove is high powered. With a high tech computor that has a touch screen front and tells you when your food is done. To make the baked chichen. she is going to need the chicken out of the fridge and breadcrumbs out of the cupboard. Now she is ready to cook it. The new refrigerator is high texh with a gel like substance that keeps everything cold and fresh throughout the day. It also tells you what you have in it.
So to make the fruit salad she is going to need, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. Now that everything is clean and Samantha is full she is ready to go back to school for the rest of the day. Samantha loves her new appliances.
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