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S2D Conference

Since the first user logged on to Melbourne Water's 'freemium' Yammer network in 2010, it has significantly grown and changed from a rogue platform with a handful of users to a widely recognised system and key engagement tool.

Rebecca Jackson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of S2D Conference

Yammer Case Study:
Engaging staff from the ground up

Rebecca Jackson
16 May 2012
What's a Yammer?
Enterprise microblogging platform
Sites open to users with the same company email
Some key features:
- Microblogging
- Profiles
- Groups
Easy to set up https://www.yammer.com
How it took off
About our network
How are they using it?
Sharing updates...
Our people wanted this...
“Technical forums for sharing best practice, asking questions and getting feedback”
“Internal Twitter so you can follow colleagues with good ideas”
“Stakeholder, alliance or project partner pages”
“Facebook style individual… pages”
Nurturing the community
Rewarding users
Yammer tips
Personal Yammer strategies
Community Management
- Watch, nurture and tend to weeds…
A quick guide
In our newsletter
As a communications channel
At events
Observation and analysis
- Members statistics
- New users, new and useful conversations
Senior leaders getting involved
Generating discussions outside of Yammer
Measuring success
Continue to nurture the community
Looking for new opportunities
Currently in discussions to move to paid version
Building our Social Media guideline
Launch and employee engagement
Governance for Yammer
Incorporating into Intranet
Where to from here
Intranets 2012
About Melbourne Water
A business case, backwards
Owned by the Victorian Government
850 employees (up to 2000 including contractors)
Numerous sites
Managing $9.4 billion in assets
Manages Melbourne’s
water supply catchments
removal and treatment of sewage
rivers and creeks and major drainage systems
Scientists, engineers, operators
Strong organisational culture
Start your business case now
Collect good news stories
Talk to your internal stakeholders early on
Identify and mitigate whatever risks you can
Talk to Yammer early
Consider other options
The biggest risk: the freemium version
Dealing with "incidents"
"Incidents" are minimal
React in a timely manner
Use existing HR practices to resolve
Respond in the same forum they came in
Adding and removing employees difficult
No detailed analytics
Cannot moderate if required
Cannot export data
Cannot integrate easily with other systems
Crowdsourcing information...
Common interest groups...
Currently 695 members (34.61%)
4,823 messages (current users)
Average followers 20.7
Average messages 7
285 users with more than one message
123 users with greater than average
2.92% (Top 20 users) generated 55% of content
First user October 2010
Took off March 2011
108 new members May 2011
Biggest month
Key communications
July / August
Most joined in one day...
...24 on September 29 2011
Major IT project creates a group
January / February 2012
695 members
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