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Indiana University-Bloomington

No description

luke nelson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Indiana University-Bloomington

Indiana university in Bloomington (IU) Location The campus is located in Bloomington, a small city not to far away from Indianapolis Indiana University in Bloomington is a great school with good housing, fun activites, and great school courses and majors General Facts Indiana University in Bloomington is public. 74% are atmitted. In state it costs $10,033 and out of state is $31,483, and their financal aid can go up to $11,693. The student body size is 42,731 Sports although Indiana University has many sports its best is basketball
other sports...
etc... Programs Indiana University has many great programs but of them all the best of their programs are biological and biomedical sciences Social life At Indiana University in Bloomington they have telivison stations and many clubs like dance club, theatre club, opera clube etc... Housing They have speacial housing for disabled students and they have free apartments and dorms for freshmen students. apartments usually have up to 5 people while dorms have usually 2
each dorm and aparment has a game room with air hockey tables, pool tables, ping pong tables, etc... Conclusion As you can see Indiana University at Bloomington is a great school with many opportunity's and I hope this has showed you that
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