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South of My Days

No description

Danny Stables

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of South of My Days

Theme: Her personal relationship with land
Form: 'Free Verse' - Enables the poet to put as much of their own character into the poem as possible, evident in all of Judith Wright's work.
Title Significance: Q.16.)Physically south of her 'days'. 'Days' being a representation for her family home, the days she spent there in her life. Emphasising the reflective tone of the poem.
Purpose: Describe the close relationship between land and inhabitant
Stanza 2 - Introducing character

4.) 'the old roof cracks its joints' - personification as visual and aural imagery, mirrors its inhabitant, Dan
-also in the human qualities for summer - "thrust its hot face in here to tell another yarn."

Hisses - subtle onomattapia

Anaphora - "seventy years of stories he clutches around his bones, seventy summers are hived in him like old honey"
-emphasis on time - close relationship with land - "clutches" - protective

Stanza 3-Old Dan's memoir
Diction change- from female, elaborate compound adjectives to Dan's more blunt, succinct and colloquialism/idiom-uses actual place names, McIntyre, the Hunter

furthers the theme of 'harsh beauty'
after beautiful descriptions, Dan reveals harshness 'hardened like iron"

Yellow Boy?
Stanza 1 - Setting
Internal Rhyme
- olive, clean, lean, blue-leaved, creek's - Increases the pace of the reading, creates a euphonic tone contrasting with harsher cacophonic words ' choked, tangle, outcropping. ' - furthers the idea of the beauty of the harsh Australian landscape.
Q.1.) 'My blood's country' - the country literally belongs to her blood, not vice versa. - hints to it being her land taking it away from physical ownership and making it a spiritual connection.
Q.2.) 'Bony slopes wincing under the winter' impression - gives the land human properties (personification) and a repulsion towards the winter - shown in 'wincing', the land does not like winter despite the land being harsh and 'bony'.
Q.3.) the creek is 'choking' and 'silenced', it wishes to flow but the harsh drought denies it this
Marcus, Saveeta,
Danny, James
Judith Wright
-South of My Days
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