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Balance of Payment and International Investment Posistion

No description

Aaron Carson

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Balance of Payment and International Investment Posistion

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position
What is the Balance of Payments?
Accounting Framework
Balance of Payments
Current Account
Transaction in Goods, services and invesmtent Income
Capital Account
Transactions in Non-financial assets and Liabilties
Financial Account
Transactions in Financial Assets and Liabilites
Standards set by IMF
Transactions with the ROW
Net Errors and Omissions
What is the International Investment Position?
NZ Balance Sheet with Row
Assets and liabilities classified by type
Liabilities > Assets
Related to the financial account
Whats Left!
Relationships with other economic statistics
Goods and Services used in QGDP
Financial account used in Inst Sector A/C

Investment Income used in Income measure GDP
Supply use balancing
Services deflated using price indexes
BoP Collection Strategy
Several large key quarterly Surveys
Admin data to fill gaps
Annual collections for 'non-sampled estimates'
Quarterly International Investment Survey
Sample of 500
Banks and Corporates
Annual International Investment
International Investment Position & Financial A/C
Annual sample of 1000
Census 4000 (every 4 years)
Quarterly International Trade in Services Survey
Sample of 1300
Annual International Investment
Exports & Imports Commercial Services

Census 5000 (every 3 years)
Back-cast for under-coverage
Revisions made in June quarter
International Standards
IMF has published BPM 6 and SNA 08
Impacts the way we collect and publish statistics
Summary of Changes
Survey Redevelopment
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