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Resume and Interview Skills Warmer Quiz

for summer institute 2013

Brittany Harmon

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Resume and Interview Skills Warmer Quiz

Interview & Resume Skills
What should you NOT wear at work?
Which face should you have at an interview?
Which of these thing should you NOT talk about in an interview?
A: work experience
B: your girlfriend or boyfriend
C: your people skills
D: why you want to work at the job
E: strengths
Which resume is better? Why?
How should you answer this question:
"Tell me about yourself..."
A: I like to play basketball and eat hamburgers after school for fun.
B: I enjoy volunteering at my church and helping my parents translate at the doctor's office.
C: Ummmmmmm, I don't know. Sleep or something.
Which person would you hire for the job? Give me three reasons why...
Which of these is NOT a good life goal...
A: go to college
B: get a job
C: eat hamburgers all day
D: help the poor
E: learn something new every day
A: Smiley
B: Bored
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