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Rights and duties

No description

Marcela Pinzon

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Rights and duties

Why do we have rights?
In any democracy, governments make sure that the rights included in the constitution are respected.

In the case of Colombia, the first article of the Constitution tells us that Colombians have laws that guarantee the respect our rights and are called Fundamental Rights.

Thanks to international agreements, all humans have the same rights and governments around the world promise to respect them. Those are called "Human rights"
What are fundamental rights?
Fundamental rights are rights that guarantee the development, integrity and well-being of all Colombians. We all have the same rights independently of our religion, age, sex, political party or social class.
But we have 2 more rights!
Social, economic and Cultural:
The ones that give us the possibility of being part of a social group. Here are the rights related to family, kids, workers and older people.

Collective and environmental rights:
These rights talk about how we should manage the resources and treat the environment correctly. They also talk about how the public services should work and that we have a right to receive resources.
Rights at school
At school we are in a community that is made up by students, teachers, workers, directives and parents. We all have some fundamental rights and duties we have to respect as a community.

Our constitution is known as coexistence manual and it sets our rights and duties. Our government is the School government, formed by representatives of different sectors of the school.
Who protect our fundamental rights at school?
Student's body representative:
Is a representative chosen by students and should protect and promote the fundamental rights at school.

Student council:
Is a group of students elected from each classroom and is a bridge that communicates the students with the directives.

Directive council
: They are the ones in charge of coordinate and orient the functioning of the school and ensuring that the fundamental rights are protected.
What are the human rights?
Human rights....
They are a group of fundamental rights that guarantee life, liberty and equality of all human beings.

They are different from fundamental rights because human rights are recognized internationally and fundamental rights depend of each country.

In the case of Colombia, both fundamental and human rights talk about the same rights.
Human rights are:
: All people have the same rights
: without them we wouldn't live with dignity
They are part of all of us.
: Our rights end were the ones of the other begin
: All rights are equally important

There are several organizations around the globe to protect the rights

United Nations (UN-ONU
): Delegates of 192 nations participate in the UN to discuss topics of world peace, security and human rights
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
: It's a group of the UN concentrated in kids. It develops programs to protect Children's rights
Rights and duties
Fundamental and human rights
Classification of Fundamental Rights
Fundamental rights are organized in the following groups:

We have the right to life, integrity, equality, peace, work, a good reputation and intimacy.

: We have the right to develop freely our personality, to have freedom of conscience, of religion of thought and to choose any career or job.

We have the right to a defense, the help of a lawyer, a legal process and to use mechanism as petitions or sue

Democratic rights
: We have the right to create groups, to manifest pacifically, to choose or be chosen and to revoke the rule of our government.
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